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Avinash Jain of Kalpana Gifts

Great Companies: Can you commence by telling a little about your business? Avinash Jain:Kalpana Gifts is a one stop solution and a renowned organization engaged in offering a wide and exclusive range of Corporate Gifts to all  its customers. These gifts are fabricated using high-grade quality raw material, procured from trusted and reliable vendors, uniquely designed and customized, and then we  pack  it for all  our valuable customers. Great Companies:  What are the wide range of gifting options and services provided by Kalpana Gifts? Avinash Jain:At Kalpana Gifts, we are expertise in all kinds of gifts for corporate needs, Industries, IT companies, Institutions, Banks, Hotels, Social clubs, Pharmaceutical Co, Telecommunication Co, Government organization, FMGC, for all occasions. Additionally, we also cater specific gift for each occasion, for example: Pens during corporate meetups, Home Appliances/Utensils for occasions like Ayudha Pooja, Gadgets and Bags for employees and customers, Pen-Stand/Mugs/Water-Bottles for Giveaways, Trophies for celebrating Employees success.

Great Companies: How are you able to cater to the needs of all your clients in a unique way? Avinash Jain:The company is constantly innovating and thinking of new and interesting products to offer  to our clients. We source products from Pan India (both Branded and Non Branded). To meet the complete satisfaction of the clients, we provide after-sales-support to all of our clients to fulfill all requirements.

Great Companies: Why should the customers choose you?

Avinash Jain:At Kalpana Gifts, we understand that a gift is not just a gift, but it is more than that. We design and customize gift that adds value to your brand, and something which each of your employees or customers will recall overtime when they see/use it. Apart from that, our focus on building client relationships sets us apart from being just another gifting company and our ability to provide customers with custom-made options to suit their requirements at competitive prices makes us a preferred partner. Great Companies: How do you plan to improve and increase your market reach? Avinash Jain:We constantly take feedback's from our clients with respect to their unique needs and spend time with them to understand what could possibly make their brand stand out in front of their customers. We are also part of one of the largest networking group, Business Network International (BNI) which helps us to network with wide variety of people and build relationships. Building relationships and growing network this way is one of our strongest approach to market and will continue to be.

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