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Avinash A Bartakke, Founder & CEO at The Trainer Mom and EAVA Neural Space

Great Companies: How did you get your idea or concept for the business?

If you observe any entrepreneur's route, it generally starts with solving a problem that you are yourself facing, and that's exactly what took place with me. Around 2007 is when the beginnings for what I was going to do in the future developed,.I didn't recognize it then. I was invited to attend a Rotary gathering where there was a doctor who invested some time in Switzerland focusing on the capacities of the brain.That's where it began. Actually, it began since I wanted to help my daughter. My daughter was I believe that time in the eighth grade. Bright Kid otherwise, yet she was battling with math. And someplace in the back of my mind, I was continually looking for solutions. It all reached a climax in me,talking to the people at Learning RX in Colorado. Trained with them and Licensed their program and brought it back. By and by I added other programs to help students, especially those battling learning challenges. We added other programs Like attention development and Handwriting development and speed writing. All with the primary motive of improving Cognition among children.

What are the various services provided by The Trainer Mom and EAVA Neural Space

Neural Space provides a cognitive development program delivered in a one on one training format, an attention development program based on brain wave data tracking , Handwriting development in English and Devanagari script and Speed writing.

Considering that kids these days are getting more and more addicted to the use of Mobile Phones, Tabs and Computers thereby missing out on the critical Cognitive Development provide by Writing by Hand

'The Trainer Mom' is an attempt to support Guardians in becoming active handwriting mentors for their kids through The Trainer Mom's online Train The Trainer Course. This online course is designed to help parents gain an in-depth understanding of the fundamentals of handwriting and its development.

What were the struggles and challenges you faced and how did you overcome them? 

One of the major challenges we faced was Marketing, because we were a new venture, we were Trail Blazers in the domain and we were first time entrepreneurs. Nevertheless, like any other venture, the difficulties kept arising and we were entrenched in many issues and, so, we had to work out answers. We had to contemplate imaginative resolutions. We had to think of imaginative answers, you see, to advertise our amenities and to guarantee that our customers were acquiring the foremost benefit.

So, there was a great deal of trial and error. There was a lot of exploration. We had to keep considering beyond the norm, persistently reinventing ourselves, and keep producing resolutions to the predicaments that we were confronting. And, you know, that's how we were able to make it a prosperous business.

What makes The Trainer Mom , EAVA Neural Space different from hundreds of other similar service providers? 

*At Neural Space, we are the only one that provides a program based on 2 decades of research and development , developed by LearningRx. We are the only ones offering all three programs viz. -Cognitive Development on a one on one basis along with an Internationally Standardised Cognitive Test battery, providing pre and post data, - An internationally acclaimed Attention Development Tool the 'Play Attention' and -A researched based Handwriting and Speed writing program in a one on one training format.

* 'The Trainer Mom' is the only scientifically designed, Handwriting train-the-trainer program available today for parents .

How do you plan to grow in the future? What does 5 years down the line look like for The Trainer Mom , EAVA Neural Space? 

'The Trainer Mom' has an extremely bright future over the next 5 years. Owing to its online format and business model, scalability is going to be high and rapid. We aim to be a 100 crore company by 2027.

Neural Space is a different ball game altogether. We intend to focus on Quality Results for our students and given the business format, scaling up may lead to dilution in results. We intend to service the local community through Neural Space in the future and make Life Changing Interventions for those that we are able to serve directly. That number will be a couple of thousand students in the next five years ,at best.

If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

Remember it can be a hard ,lonely and painful journey at times. The shortest speech ever given was by Rev.Jesse Jackson. It had only three words. "Keep Hope Alive". 

Be nimble and willing to change and learn from mistakes.

"Just a blip on the highway of time

But I'll have my moment on that blip to shine.

I'll falter and flip, bungle and slip

But a moment or two ....Is reserved for me too!!!

You don't believe me I know

But it's true even so...

I've worked hard and long ,all my life

There'll come a time, when I'll steal the show.

Luck is like the shifting sand,

I've hit some and missed quite a few!

But there's a moment of time reserved for me too!

There'll be cheers and accolades and wows and more,

And when that time comes, you'll know for sure!

Life's tough, but Life's fair,

Struggle and persevere, you'll get your share!

Like it or not, she'll give you what you deserve.

When the chips are down, just hold your nerve!

When things are tight, work harder and fight

You have it in you to set it right.

When the time comes and the curtains are drawn,

Karma will welcome you to a welcome dawn."

Avinash Anant



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