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Avanti Deshmukh - Great Companies Women Entrepreneur Award Winner 2022

Avanti Deshmukh: Rental Furniture

Name: Avanti Deshmukh

Business Name:

Location: Pune, India

Establishment (Year): 2018

Profession/ Specialty: Co-founder and Marketing & Communication Strategist

Social Media : LinkedIn

Company Detail: is a home furniture rental company. They offer an attractive range of sofas, beds, dining sets, storage solutions and accessories at affordable pricing. Their happy customers love their quick service and great product range to choose from.

Unique Selling Proposition / Competitive Advantage:

The company focuses on ensuring great customer service quality stands out from their competition which the customers really appreciate. They also focus on ensuring high efficiencies which enables them to provide great products at very competitive pricing, making them one of the lowest-priced rental furniture service providers.

Challenges Faced During The Journey:

Initially, they had many working capital challenges like any other startup. They have been bootstrapped from day 1 and did not have any support to pump in any capital. Hence, they had to come up with a business model which supported their working capital requirements. Soon, they worked out many mathematical models and ensured they were implemented effectively.

Advice For Women Entrepreneurs:

Modern-day women entrepreneurs should focus on what they truly believe in, identify problems associated with them and offer solutions is what Avanti Deshmukh’s business mantra is.

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