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Astha Jain- CEO & Co-Founder of Stushi Ayurveda

Great Companies: Can you commence by telling a little about your business?

Astha Jain:In today's world, we really need to be aware & conscious about our skin's wellbeing that's why we have created a line of natural Ayurvedic skincare and haircare products fused with the ancient Ayurvedic herbs that naturally blends health and beauty and rejuvenates your skin inside out. Blessed with the knowledge and skill of ACHARYAS from all around the country we deliver products that address the most important needs and meet the most demanding requirements in skincare. Initially, we intended to make STUSHI AYURVEDA a skincare brand. However, things quickly changed and as our customers grew, and so did the demand for STUSHI AYURVEDA products and new products were launched....... i soon realized that it was our combination of natural, ayurvedic herbs and the fact that they were being prepared from the very own blessed hands of AYURVEDIC ACHARYAS made a significant impact on my client’s skin health and gave STUSHI AYURVEDA competitive advantage over other existing brands.

Great Companies:How do you provide such quality services to your customers? Is it because of your team or your methods?

Astha Jain:At STUSHI AYURVEDA we believe in rendering services that make a positive impact on our customers. it's the efforts of our hardworking team members and our ethical ancient methods that give us a cutting edge in the market, with the fusion of both, we have been able to reach this far. All of our products are handcraft by AYURVEDIC ACHARYAS backed with the knowledge of VEDAS making them unique. we have also introduced an age-old technique of home facial with our best selling '"STUSHI FACIAL GLOW ELIXIR"

Great Companies:With most of people running towards allopathic medicine, how are you able to make an influence over the population?

Astha Jain:It is not about being ‘ayurvedic’ or ‘natural’, but finding a healthy alternative that is pure, ethical, and free from toxicity. It makes me sad having to know how harmful the contents of allopathy medicines are, and how indifferent people are towards it. In allopathic methodology, the doctors just concentrate on the symptoms of the disease and not on the root cause of the disease . on the contrary, In Ayurveda, the focus is on prevention of disease and to find the root cause to bring the body back into balance. we have seen customers who have had never-ending hair fall and skin problems and have tried over dozens of allopatheic product with no results but now they swear to our products and follow Ayurveda thoroughly in their life, cause of its life changing results Countries like USA ,Australia are ardent followers of our Ayurvedic lifestyle techniques, INDIA has also seen a shift in the market as buyers are more leaning towards natural and ayurvedic products.

Great Companies:How do you plan to improve and increase your market reach ?

Astha Jain:Our primary goal is to raise awareness about the health impact of Ayurveda, its techniques, and how it aids in lifelong chronic diseases among people through digital advertising. we also have some high-end influencers on board with us to help us reach our audience at a broader level.

Great Companies:What do you plan to achieve 5 years down the line ???

Astha Jain:My plan for the future is to expand at a natural pace and connect with people on a human level through Ayurveda. To grow our brand with humility and integrity while delivering consistently high-quality Ayurvedic products, that provide lasting value to all the people who used them. We are now in a digital era, and I’d want to be more ‘digitally’. that's why our ongoing project is " AYUVA " app that will take you to a journey of diagnosis through Ayurveda by taking a ” DOSHA QUIZ “ and will help those struggling with allopathy techniques to have a healthy balanced life.



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