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Ashley Rohrbach, Health Insurance Solutions at Kemper Health

Great Companies: Can you tell a little bit about your company Kemper Health? Ashley Rohrbach: My company helps individuals and families get affordable health insurance coverage ...outside of the marketplace/ACA/Obamacare. Great Companies: What makes Kemper Health different from hundreds of other Health Insurance  firms? Ashley Rohrbach:  Kemper Health is a 13 billion dollar debt free company out of Chicago, IL.  We are A-rated for a reason.  Our underwriting is through an old A rated company, started by a farmer in 1956, Reserve National Insurance Company.  We typically come out to your kitchen table to go over every single option available to you, and help you pick the very best solution for you and your family! Great Companies: What are the various services provided by your company? Ashley Rohrbach:

Affordable Health Insurance-medicare supplements-Long term care-home healthcare plans-life and accident coverage. 

Great Companies: How do you make sure to give Affordable health insurance to various customers? Ashley Rohrbach: Not everyone is a “one size fits all”, especially with health insurance and underwriting.  Unlike ACA/marketplace plans.By talking to the individual, I can find out exactly what their current health situation is, and how they use their health insurance currently.  What is important to them... then we sit down together and I’ll do the shopping around for them right at the kitchen table.  We can custom tailor make health insurance for what a person actually wants/needs coverage for.  If you don’t want the extra “bells and whistles” like maternity, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, pediatric dentistry, unlimited dr visits with copays, don’t have to have them, making your coverage more affordable for you. Completely customized!

Great Companies: How do you plan to grow in the future? What does 5 years down the line look like for Kemper Health? Ashley Rohrbach: I feel as if I am constantly growing with this company!  It can only go up from here!  Out of over 500 agents in this company, nationwide, I am in the top 10.  Very exciting!  The reason being, is I take care of people.  I also educate my clients how best to save money on health care costs.  5 years down the line, I plan on being #1! May happen sooner!

Contact number : 573-230-6318

Contact Address: 2310 Forum Blvd #B Columbia, MO 65203



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