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Ashish Aggarwal of Franchise Batao

Great Companies: Can you please tell a little about Franchise Batao?

Ashish Kumar Aggarwal: Franchise Batao is a Franchise Consultancy Company in India. This a Brand Registered under Francube Promotions Private Limited.

Great Companies: What are the services Franchise Batao provide to its Clients?

Ashish Kumar Aggarwal : At Franchise Batao we believe in the expansion and Profit of every Business Owner. We are Providing Franchise Consultancy to Brand Owners where we help them to multiply their Business with Franchising. At the Same time we help the people who want to strat new Business with the multiple Business Opportunities with us.

Great Companies: How do you manage your Clients?

Ashish Kumar Aggarwal: We are Technology Cum Human Driven Company. There is a Team who Personally look after the Clients and manage the data on CRM and Digital Marketing Tools

Great Companies: What is the basis strategy to attract clients?

Ashish Kumar Aggarwal: Best Service is the Best Strategy to Attract Clients. We are geeting many referrals from the existing Client Base. Apart from this we do organize Franchise Fairs and Promote the same on Different Digital cum Traditional platforms.

Our Website and YouTube Channel Franchise Batao has good Targeted Audience where we Get the Clients. Franchise Batao offers the Value to its clients in terms of Services and Money both.

Great Companies:What is the success mantra of Franchise Batao?

Ashish Kumar Aggarwal: Franchise Batao Believes in Grow together. Success of Our clients is the success of Franchise Batao. That’s why we are more focused on the Client Servicing. We really mean the people who shows trust on and we always appreciate them with our Hard-work and Deliveries

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Franchise Batao
Franchise Batao
24. Apr. 2020

Thanks for Posting the Interview. If Anyone Wants more info then Subscribe us on Our YouTube Channel

Gefällt mir
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