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Arvind Chawala, CEO at ME007 Hospitality Pvt Ltd

Great Companies: How did you get your idea or concept for the business?

Arvind Chawla : Once I actually saw a patient where he lost his life due to non availability and unorganized service of Ambulance and this incident stuck into my mind and I decided to transform this unorganized and pathetic service industry into a well organized industry so that precious lives can be saved .

I did a survey on grass root level and spoke with people, taking their views and asking the difficulties they face while they have to transfer the patient during emergency and post a thorough survey I decided that I had to have start with Medical Services Industry.

Medical Standards in India were lacking so behind from the outer world that nobody was bothered to even talk about it and do something

Standards of Hospitals were definitely on raising side but to get to the Hospital in Critical times was the challenge which was costing precious lives. We chose to Improve Transportation Sector in Medical sector.

Great Companies: What are the various Services provided by ME007 Hospitality Pvt Ltd ?

Arvind Chawla : We @ ME007 are providing a complete medical ( Emergency & Non-Emergency) services from last 4 years which includes Patients transport from Bed to Hospital or vice versa taking care of the critical aspects like time, condition , intense care etc. We have set up our Dispensaries @ ongoing Mega Projects Like HPCL Refinery Barmer & ReNew at Bikaner where we take care of every medical need of staff on site with the help of our elite team of medical officers .

We are into Health & wellness program for Corporates where we conduct regular health checkups , taking care of their physical & mental health by conducting yoga , meditation etc. to help prevent conical disorders which are very common nowadays due to work related stress. We are also providing Medical insurance for corporate and retails .

Great Companies: What were the challenges you faced in the starting days?

Arvind Chawla : As they say – Starting of something new is always the hardest.

I struggled so hard initially , got just Rs.6000 in my hands , I rented a place to live and managed food for 3 months on it .

Secondly I was so surprised see how unorganized this sector was and Ambulance Owners and Drivers were implying their monopoly on behalf of their worst period Vehicles and cheapest equipment’s.. Sometimes we even had to pay driver to tuck their shirts in.

Great Companies: What makes ME007 Hospitality Pvt Ltd different from hundreds of other Medical Services providers?

Arvind Chawla :

After doing our research and finding so many loopholes and scopes we made a list of set of standards for ourselves and for our vendor. We raise the standards of the process so high that these created barriers.It is our strict policy to reject the vehicle if it is more than 3 years old. We always take care of the patient’s medical needs on the way and keep a proper track from picking up the patient to dropping him .

Entry and Exit Barriers are so high that is difficult both ways – entering into our standards and exiting them as well.

Right now we have a fleets of 2500 Ambulances across country which also Includes Air Ambulance and train Ambulances as well, and this was all possible due to our Vendor Selection Criteria , no random vendor can be on boarded without passing and fulfilling our criteria’s. From background check to physical condition of ambulances to the use of High end equipment’s etc. etc.

Great Companies: How do u plan to grow in the future and how 5 years down the line looks like to you?

Arvind Chawla : We have very high end dreams about growing and that too across the Globe , so we are in transit to become an MNC which has its services to offer with same standards all over the world.

We are taking every bit of help by technical interventions and bring these services integrated in an app, its been developed and we are reaching out in the market for the feedbacks and suggestions , what else could be brought to the platform and so on.

We have our eyes on opting 108 Services in different states if INDIA , from there we can continue making differences in medical field and showing the society that every live counts and matters.

Great Companies: If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

Arvind Chawla : Let me just call it a Bible piece of advice, when you dream about something , don’t stop chasing it , and the time is crucial which is of 36 Months. So just hold onto it to 36 months at least and put your more than 100% honest efforts . That dream or project must be your only and only priority . You need to clear your head & thoughts in order to do so



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