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ARTISTE360 - A Next Generation Art School

With the aim of filling a gap in the current state of art education in our institutions - Tarang Jain, A GRADUATE FROM Delhi University Miranda House founded ARTISTE360-The Art School. A platform that offers high quality art education that caters to one’s capabilities. It isn’t only student-centric but also deals with individuals of various age groups and professions.

“Age is an issue of mind over matter if you don’t mind it doesn’t matter” - Mark Twain

ARTISTE360 aims to re-establish the fact that one can continue learning art no matter how far he/she has strayed away from it and where he/she is in life. Tarang Jain launched ARTISTE360-The Art School after seeing her daughter’s interest in pursuing art led her to search for facilitators to guide her with her artistic endeavors and creation.

“You never lose in business, either you win or you learn.” And this is what happened with Tarang Jain, she said, “a year ago we, the ARTISTE360-The Art School began with just a few courses at our studio in South Mumbai and now we have grown 21 online and in-person courses with an addition of eight new programs this year,”with Art Portfolio Development, Documentary Film-Making, Introduction to Architecture, Comic Drawing, and Video Editing being the most popular amongst all programs as they are the need of the hour.

“All the courses in the Art School are curated by our team keeping in mind-after research-how we can make use of minimum time to maximize the student’s efficiency. The faculty recruited comes from the best national and international art colleges and they bring in a wide range of specialisation. We cater to a variety of students who belong to different backgrounds, age groups and professions. Our programs aren’t only aimed at beginners but also those who have prior experience in art and wish to enhance their skill set.”

Journey of ARTISTE360

After working as a teacher in the prestigious Sunflower Nursery School for 5 years, she as an entrepreneur before launching ARTISTE360 executed several enterprises such as her own textile business and a boutique selling Indian garments. She established a space that furnishes the joy of art through various mediums to people from different walks of life which led to the creation of the Art School that is open for aged nine and above who are curious and passionate about art.The Art School intent to furnish artistic mindsets with unique programs that fashion individuals into imaginative, independent thinkers and creators through exposure to all-round.

“Sound,Color and Impact of all the work done by camera is something at the heart of editing.”

The journey with her daughter inspired her to start ARTISTE360 who was artistically inclined and finding mentors and teachers for her daughter was very challenging for through this she came up with the idea of this Art School. According to her when children in grade 9, 10, 11 and 12, who are inclined towards art, there is not enough source of help to upgrade their art skills, thus this is the reason ARTISTE360 was born..

“The only thing my father tells me and teaches me is to help anybody and everybody especially to people you don’t know.”

Art plays a role of being creative and art also reflects what you think be it dancing, painting or making a film, it basically reflects who you are.

“I think being creative is the future because anything else you learn,you see that machines and technology take it up but creativity is something that humans can give to the society.Creativity is something that machines can’t do.”

With changing times, every higher-level education choice has started costing a life-time investment for the parents and life-time investment on the part of the student. Getting rid of the vicious circle is impossible but at ARTISTE360, helps parents and students get ahead of it.

“An art portfolio is a reflection of who you are and what you believe in.”-Tarang Jain

The Art School ARTISTE360 has accommodated 2000+ students in the past two years despite the pandemic. “We take pride in giving a boost to an art-filled career with much needed warmth.” Apart from Graphic Designing, they have courses on Acrylic Painting, Water colour Painting, String Art, Video Editing, Actuality Filmmaking, Comic Drawing, Introduction to Architecture, Portrait Studies, Zine, Creative Thinking etc.

Some of the reviews

“I attended the free webinar of Creative Thinking on zoom. We were 100 people present there and it was a very refreshing session and was equally fun too. I immediately got the idea that Creative Thinking will be a very productive and helpful course and quite a unique one too. Good wishes to everyone associated with Artiste360.”

-Abhishek Mishra, Video Editor

“I have completed my four sessions of comic illustrations with Mr. Abhijeet Kini. It was amazing! The first two sessions were basics but the other two were remarkably good, at a point I got stuck in my own comic attempting to make it hilarious but the entire class and Abhijeet sir had helped me; I have learned a lot from those classes and acquired a better sense of humor, creativity, and imagination. I would unquestionably recommend this session and Abhijeet sir is also extremely experienced, really sweet and friendly.”

Renay Jain

“If you make people around you happy,you are a happy person.”

Edited by Gitika Mandhana



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