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Apoorva Kumar- Partner of D&K Legal Advocates and Solicitors

Great Companies: What is your success mantra that has helped you for years? Apoorva Kumar: Hard- work with belief in what I do and its cause has helped me alot. Any work with good cause always pays you off and it shall always bring success. Great Companies: What are the various services that you provide? Apoorva Kumar: We are a boutique Law Firm and provide Legal Solutions to corporate and individual which ranges from Civil and Criminal Litigation to Corporate Advisory and documentation alongwith Commercial disputes and Arbitration. Great Companies:  How do you safeguard that the best quality service is provided to your clients? Apoorva Kumar: Our Client's interest is always primary and we keep that in mind before strategising for them. We invest time, knowledge and resources in each of Our Client and provide them efficient solutions.

Great Companies:  Out of 100 cases, what is the number of marriage dispute cases that you have had to deal with. And what do you think are the reasons for a high rise in marriage disputes in the country? Apoorva Kumar: Out of 100 we deal about 20 matrimonial disputes and they have largely increased in the country due to various reasons. Awareness, Empowerment, Independence, freedom are few of them. It is like two sides of the coin and each aspect has its own pros and con. Great Companies:  What do you have to say to the budding law students? Apoorva Kumar: Law is a brilliant field and it not only gives you knowledge but empowers you. However, it is on you to either use the power to your benefit or others. This field requires a lot of patience and calmness, brace yourself because its a roller coaster ride. All the Very Best.



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