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Anurama Suresh - Great Companies Women Entrepreneur Award Winner 2020

Anurama Suresh

Shreehi Consulting Services LLP

Emotional Wellness for Couple to handle mind challenges in the areas of Fertility / Pre-Conception / Pregnancy / Post-Delivery & Early Parenting Years

Company Details

27.5 million married Indian couple suffer from infertility issues. Shreehi is the only consolidated platform that helps both men & women handle & overcome their infertility related mind issues. Shreehi is a trained team of women NLP Practitioners & psychologists. The term “Shreehi” is from Sanskrit denoting “Divine Mother”. Shreehi focuses predominantly in the emotional wellness for couple during pre-conception, pregnancy & post delivery. Shreehi was recognized as one amongst 15 women led start-up companies (pan India) to be incubated at NSRCEL, IIM Bangalore. Shreehi has 73 successful pregnancies and has hosted workshops on “Conscious Conception” at various hospitals in Bangalore.

What challenges have you overcome to reach where you are now

Leading at team of women who can comfortably work from home with 100% work life balance and still making a difference in the society was my first driving instinct. Though most of Shreehi’s mind coaching sessions happen over video conferencing mode, I realized that breaking through the stigma for couple to opt for counselling / coaching was a big step. With consistent efforts, Shreehi now has a network of Doctors, who recommend our services to their patients. We also realized that we did not belong to the hospitals’ space of growing our business. I realized that ethically I did not like instilling fear in the minds of people and push them to repeated rounds of fertility treatments. Me and my team at Shreehi only focuses on B2C mode of operating our business. Word of mouth recommendations have been our key initiator in generating revenue. Retaining the team of talented professionals and keeping them motivated amidst all odds, has also been a major challenge for me as a woman entrepreneur.

What message you want to give for other aspiring women entrepreneurs

Stay focused on your dreams & goals. You need not pretend to have the traits of a man to become a successful entrepreneur. Your feminine traits of vulnerability, sensitivity, resilience and a strong will power is all you need. Have a set of girl friends who can pump your spirits whenever you want to totally give up on your venture. It is very important to pamper yourself – Meditate, read books of Great Saints / Masters, take a stroll in nature, play with your kids, bond with your family.. Your venture is just another identity. Never allow it to swallow you and your authentic true nature.

To what do you attribute your success

I attribute my success to my hard work and a knowing that the Divine life force is guiding me all along. There have been times where I had faced tremendous challenges. My family, my parents & my in-laws have been my true pillars of strength. I also realized that through this journey, I have only fallen in love with myself for being ME. My measure of success has been in terms of making a difference in the life of a fellow human being. Money comes to me as a natural by-product.

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