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Anukul Agrawal: Founder of X.0.C.A.T and Director of Jamtrans Logistics Pvt Ltd

Great Companies:  Can you tell us a little about yourself, your company’s mission and vision?

Anukul Agrawal: I have completed my MBA(operations) from Amity Global Business School,Bhubaneswar,Odisha along with various certifications like Six Sigma Green Belt,Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain,Lean in manufacturing & Service s etc.

I am designated as Director in my family business Jamtrans Logistocs Pvt Ltd, transportation company having its presence pan India.

I choosed to live an Entrepreneur life by setting up a Startup firm X.0 Consulting & Training(earlier 4.0 Training & Consulting)

X.0 C.A.T aims to focus on Businesses like (SME,Retail,Hospitality,Logistics) Improvise and Streamline  their operations ,processes,productivity and make them Scalable in the market with sustainability.

Our Vision is to be the only firm which is implementing Japanese operations models and concepts into Business ecosystem to enhance Customer Experience,Productivity,Efficiency,Process Improvisation at most affordable price tag.

Great Companies:   How do you manage to provide tailored solutions according to the needs of each client?

Anukul Agrawal: We provide tailored made solutions to our client by understanding their business processes and operations,finding out the loop holes ,going to the root cause ,implementing the most needed improvised solutions and training the staff members to adapt to the changed ecosystem.

Great Companies:  Can you provide a gist of the number and types of services provided by X.0 Consulting and Training?

Anukul Agrawal:  Within a time span of 3 months,our cliental has added with 8 clients namely

Prangan,By Mango Hotels, Hotel Suraj Palace, Orimark Properties, Vougue Architect, Hotel Royal Heritage, Laxmi Mobile and services etc.

We provide services like-

1.Gemba (studying and identifying operations and problems)

2.Process Improvisation

3.Technology Consulting

4.Consultative Solutioning

5.Design Thinking

6.Motivational Talk

7.Improvisation Training

8.Streamlining Operations

9.On site process Improvisation

10.Implementing Kaizen,KanBan,DBRC,Lean etc.

Great Companies:  How do you aim to build a competitive clientele and take advantage of every single opportunity available in the market?

Anukul Agrawal: Will extend our services to various cities and town to develop SME sector to scale up in the market. Great Companies: What do you plan to achieve 5 years down the line?

Anukul Agrawal: 5 years down the line we aim to make every industry capable of adapt the change and make their mindset change to think for the long term goals.To change their pattern by implementing Japanese models into their Businesses to tackle future challenges and adapt  4.0 Industry trends.



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