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Anubha Singhai, Founder and Director at PhysiQure

Great Companies: How did you get your idea or concept for the business?

Anubha Singhai: Being in the field of Physiotherapy since last 15 years, Me and my husband, Anant realised that the Physiotherapy services are scattered, and not patient centric. That became the driving force behind establishment of PhysiQure with the aim of making specialized Physiotherapy services affordable and approachable for all. That was possible only with proper monitoring of patients, setting up of standardized protocols, regular follow-ups and improvements based on feedbacks. PhysiQure brings the corporate conceptualization of Physiotherapy.

PhysiQure aims to be a leading Physiotherapy and Healthcare company in India.

  • We are passionate about providing professional, trustworthy, and effective preventive, supportive and therapeutic physiotherapy treatment experience for our patients in a welcoming environment and yet reducing the total cost of care.

  • We wish to achieve this via a network of equally committed and quality conscious franchisee partners and physio associates, who grow with us.

  • Despite COVID, we started operation in Sep 2020, and now have established 6 company owned centres in Bhopal, Mandideep, and Sagar in MP.

  • Our team of more than 25 today provides one stop shop for physio care ranging from basic pain management to tertiary rehab. We also have running Telehealth services.

  • Our plans in the making include Physiotherapy college, 100 bedded hospital, and association with hospitals and corporates.

  • Our founders also run PHYSIOTIMES, a magazine, with outreach to 15,000 physios of India.

  • We also see ourselves as physiotherapy evangelist

Great Companies: What are the various services provided by PhysiQure?

Anubha Singhai: PhysiQure provides a variety of specialised Physiotherapy services.

Our Network Offers one stop solution from Primary to Tertiary Physiotherapy Care-

FLEX IT - Our standard Protocols and routines ensure muscle flexibility for mobility and agility

STRONG SPINE - Solution informed by intensive analysis of root causes of spinal

pain. It may help avoid surgeries too.

BABY STEPS - Designed to help children with delayed development issues.

BACK TO LIFE - Recovery from injuries such as head, spinal cord and paralysis.

HEALTHY LUNGS AND HEART - Our protocols to help you build stronger heart and

lung muscles for improved quality of life

FLEXIBLE JOINTS - Joint treatment to manage joint pains and stiffness for better

quality of life.

HOLD OUR HAND - Specialized advanced care for patients suffering from Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, and other Neurological conditions

Great Companies: What makes PhysiQure different from hundreds of other similar service providers?

Anubha Singhai: At PhysiQure, we provide 360-degree support to our patients. Right from guiding them after the enquiry, to providing best treatment facilities. This is followed by regular follow-ups, as we believe that our relationship with the patient continues forever as a clinician and guide. PhysiQure is highly motivated for Community awareness and arrange Free Consultation Camps in different sectors of society on regular basis.

Great Companies: What are the struggles and challenges you face?

Anubha Singhai: I don’t think the journey of any successful Start-up is complete without the Challenges, and that adds beauty to it. Right after starting PhysiQure’s journey, We were stuck in COVID. Being a physical facility, people were reluctant to move out of their homes and visit Clinics, even if they were in Pain. It took time but finally, we gained trust. We faced competitions from the existing setups in terms of charges and other things but didn’t compromise with our standards of services.

Great Companies: How do you plan to grow in the future? What do 5 years down the line look like for PhysiQure?

Anubha Singhai: Growth is very important as it reassures one’s trust on oneself. After 2 years of hard work, we are now open for Franchisees. Also, we are excited for the upcoming 100 bedded Neuro- Rehabilitation Hospital soon to be started in SAGAR, MP. We are deeply inclined towards working in Geriatric Rehab, establishing synergies for the same. With permission of starting a Physiotherapy College, we have entered into quality education for Physios, as that will lead to Quality Professionals.

We are Ready for Expansion in PAN India with our Franchise Model.

Value Proposition for Franchises :

  • Feasibility assessment and location survey

  • Facility development— design, equipment purchases and installation, and final clearance

  • Licensing and legal support

  • Recruitment of Qualified and selected Staff to the Center and Continues Monitoring and Replacements Training and Development

  • Patient Information and Relationship Management

  • Access to experts and expert supervision Operation SOP

  • Clinical audits

  • Equipment maintenance and care

  • Access to network for services Brand rights and marketing support

  • Access to orthopedic and neurologists’ network Dedicated relationship officer

Partnership Ethos:

  • Shared passion for delivering the promised value to our patient and caregivers

  • Belief in the process and people Reciprocal commitment to mutual growth and business well-being

  • Transparency in operation

  • Continuous learning and improvements— we can be better together everyday Mutual respect

  • Nurturing trust

Great Companies: If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

Anubha Singhai: Although all Start-ups have their own experiences, their own Highs and lows, One piece of advice I would like to share is that Ideas and Execution should go hand and hand. I believe that if we have our Mission and Vision Clear, with a true Passion, nothing can stop us from achieving it.

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