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Ankita Jagtiani : Ankita Jagtiani Coaching

Name: Ankita Jagtiani

Business Name: Ankita Jagtiani Coaching

Location: Mumbai & New Delhi, India

Establishment (Year): 2019

Profession/ Specialty: Life and Youth Leadership Coach

Company Detail:

Ankita Jagtiani is an International Coach Federation accredited Life & Youth Leadership Coach. She is the founder of Ankita Jagtiani Coaching, an Entrepreneur and Speaker. She wanted to combine her love for planning and structure with her passion for positively changing the lives of people.

Unique Selling Proposition / Competitive Advantage:

Ankita Jagtiani Coaching aims to create empathetic leaders from the time they enter the workforce and not necessarily wait until they achieve a CXO position. She focuses on coaching young professionals to master the skill of managing people and being a true and empathetic leader.

Challenges faced during the Journey:

She has observed the challenges of working in an organization as a millennial. She has observed behaviours, attrition rates and deep-dived into finding solutions for the challenges the employees and companies face.

She has also learnt to take responsibility of her life. started taking risks. She wanted to step out of her comfort zone and do the unthinkable in order to feel and be extraordinary.

Advice for Women Entrepreneurs:

Ankita Jagtiani advices all female entrepreneurs to be persistent, to be consistent and always act with authenticity in every interaction of yours with yourself and others.



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