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Ankit Somani of Domum Bizz

Great Companies: What all services / products does your company provides?

Ankit Somani: Domum bizz is a smart home solutions provider. we are based out of hyderabad. from retro fit solutions for pre fitted switches to touch switches. we aim to provide hassel and affordable smart home solutions.

Great Companies: Who are your target clients/customers?

Ankit Somani: Our target clients and customers are widespread from individuals , home onwers to residential construction companies. we shall soon be expanding our prodcut range for commercial use as well.

Great Companies: Do you think that there is a need for every household to have a Home automation system installed? If yes then why?

Ankit Somani: Yes, smart home automation not only provides ease amd access but is also a great way to monitor usage of power and as we become aware we tend to be more cautious in terms of utilising power wisely.

Great Companies: To what extend are Home Automation System safe and secure?

Ankit Somani: Home automation is infact is an extra layer of protection. as monitoring becomes easy and the in-app reporting lets the user be aware as to whats happening and notifies any unusual activity.

Great Companies: What are your company’s future prospects ?

Ankit Somani: We as a company want to reach every corner of india and speard wide awareness of home automation, hence we have priced our products in a way that it becomes affordable to all types of consumers.



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