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Ankit Jain of AJSH & Co LLP

Great Companies: What all services does your company provides as a consultancy firm?

Ankit Jain: We are an independent firm of Chartered Accountants and business advisors with a team size of 160 professionals and over 500 clients globally. We offer a gamut of professional services to our clients comprising of bookkeeping, audit & assurance, taxation, business advisory and consultancy services. We assist clients across globe looking for setting up their business in India ensuring they comply with all the regulatory norms. We also conduct audits in United States of America and do tax filings & bookkeeping of clients based in US, UK, Africa, Australia, Europe, Hong Kong, Canada, China, Singapore, UAE and Thailand. We often say to our clients that you do your business while we take care of the rest.

Great Companies: Who are your target clients?

Ankit Jain: We render our professional services across all industries and geographies. We work with Indian and multinational corporates, SMEs, high net worth individuals, financial institutions and even start-ups. Thus, different time zones or size of the client does not matter for us. Anyone who requires our professional assistance may reach us.

Great Companies: What makes your company the most suitable for the people seeking business advisory?

Ankit Jain: I would say we are a one stop solution to all your complex business issues. So be it a company incorporation, monthly bookkeeping, regulatory compliances, tax filings, tax assessments or auditing year- end financial statements, we ensure our clients all the services under one roof. We never say no to our clients unless it hampers our professional code of conduct.

Great Companies: What is your company’s success mantra?

Ankit Jain:  The power mantra for us is delivering results that endure. This is what always keep me focused, and help my business sailing along, no matter what the day bring. We always believed in putting the best foot forward for our clients making sure we add a value to their businesses and never compromise on the quality of services. I strongly agree with the phrase- Perception is the King! Your reputation is here to stay so build an image that's meant to last.

Also, I would like to add that don’t underestimate the power of networking. The power of networking in business success has been proven statistically through innumerable studies, so there is no excuse not to network. This is how new opportunities are put in your way and how you are able to create strong ties in the market for the longevity and success of your business.

Great Companies: What is your vision and mission? How far have you been able to achieve it ?

Ankit Jain: Our vision is to be a leading multi-disciplinary business consulting firm providing services with high level of trust and integrity. I believe we are right there on our path to achieve it near future.



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