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Amol Chilwant- CEO of Anmol Holidays

Great Companies : Please tell me something about the business and how did you come up with such an idea? AMOL CHILWANT: I have done my MBA in Travel & Tourism, I have done 5 yrs job in various MNC company than I have start my own business in 2008. Great Companies: What are the various services and products provided by your company? AMOL CHILWANT:Domestic & International Group & Customized Tours Corporate Tours ( MICE). Great Companies: Why should one choose you over others in this field? AMOL CHILWANT: Because of Passion, Honesty.

Great Companies : What are the struggles and challenges you face? AMOL CHILWANT: When I have started my business that time I don't have single money but one my family Gujarati friend has given finance without any interest than we have start my business. Great Companies : What do you think are the few main things which are most important for a successful business? AMOL CHILWANT: Passion, Honesty, Dedication.



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