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Amit Ingle of Earth Rover

Great Companies: Can you tell us a little about yourself, your company’s mission and vision? Amit Ingle : Before getting in the field of Tourism, I was having Chemical related factory and was practicing as a Lawyer at Highcourt, meanwhile I started travelling places and that gave me a sense of satisfaction, soon I realized that this is what I am made for. Today I am a full time Wildlife Photographer and am running a travel company called Earthrover. For last seven years I have explored forest of India, and have worked with local people, am a certified Mountainair, a certified Rock climber and a rescue expert by passion. My company focus on exploring place of India which are less explored and bring out some unique itineraries. We would like to be a connecting bridge between nature, wildlife and urban world. We love sharing unique knowledge and information about places and wildlife with clients. We look forward to inspire people to explore the rich Wildlife, History and culture of our country. Our country is blessed with wonderful geographical locations. We also have a vision to develop local employment by working with them and if needed we do train local people for tourism.

Great Companies: How are you able to cater to the needs of all your clients in a unique way? Amit Ingle : As is mentioned above, we specialize in Wildlife, Adventure, Historical, Cultural and Pilgrimage trip. We hold a strong knowledge in this segment. Am myself a wildlife photographer and Mountainair, it becomes very handy when it comes to share knowledge about history, culture, flora and fauna of that place. We have a team of naturalist who travel with our clients to share the same. Great Companies: How do you empower people to explore and travel different places in the World ? Amit Ingle : We Indians have still not accepted Wildlife and Adventure as a main stream in tourism industry, and we too face the same when it comes to explain and convince clients. But that’s were our unique approach comes in to play. Am a story teller too, I use my experience of wild to inspire people to travel, apart from that we keep talk shows, presentations, social media platforms and also conduct exhibitions of my images to show how beautiful our nature is.

Great Companies: Why should the customers chose you ? Amit Ingle : That’s where our USP comes in to play, we work in a specialize segment, not much of players have the same level of expertise and local contacts that we have. Me myself being a naturalist and wildlife photographer holds a deep knowledge about flora and fauna, along with that we work with only specialized and certified team. We never purchase any package from any given travel company. All our itineraries are designed and developed by us and are completely customized. We hold a deep knowledge about local places and unexplored destinations. Great Companies: How do you plan to improve and increase your market reach? Amit Ingle : We look forward to work with other travel companies and train their staff for this segment, we are open to train youngsters for wildlife and adventure sports who are willing to grow in this sector. We even look forward to talk with youngsters and travel companies to accept this as new product and promote them and inspire people to travel in wilderness as it has got a very promising future. We look forward to develop new mediums to encourage clients to accept this as main stream tourism.



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