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Akash Sharma, Founder at Motivate Mee

Great Companies: How did you get your idea or concept for the business?

Akash Sharma: There is a beautiful saying by our elders. “Everything happens for a reason.” I being born in the darkness of ignorance and having been defeated by fears and scarcity had only one dream that was to grow wiser and be a magnificent motivational speaker.

Despite all obstacles and absence of guidance mighty powers helped me and after a short sprint in a sales career, beyond my understanding about life’s planning for me, I got the job of an assistant professor in an engineering college. And there I practice my public speaking and motivational speaking abilities as good as I could.

Doing my job and serving my students with the best of my subject + motivational abilities I came to realize that there has been extreme darkness in people’s lives and most of their dreams die due to the absence of genuine enlightenment, moral support, and correct guidance. Even those who are ready to die for their dreams settle for mediocrity and compromise. And yes like me there are true dreamers willing to unleash their truest potential and be a hero of their lives.

So I told myself, “Akash! The dream of being a motivational speaker is very limited and

personalized. It might get accolades to you but what counts in the end is how many lives

you touched and transformed.” Why not upgrade your dream into service to those who need you. There should be an organization highly promising in its work nature that people can trust unconditionally. And I devoted my life to building Motivate Mee.

Great Companies: What are the various Services provided by Motivate Mee

Akash Sharma: We are into core personal development. The vision and mission we have are

completely immersed in the upliftment of the mankind through psychological and personal

development. Therefore our services take care of every aspect of personal development,

mindfulness, and life enrichment.

We have categorized our programs into four parts.

  • Heroic Leagues for Individuals

  • Simplify Zindagi Sessions

  • Programs for Schools & Colleges

  • Programs for Corporate

Great Companies: What makes Motivate Mee different from hundreds of other similar firms?

Akash Sharma: Honestly speaking since I established Motivate Mee I have never thought of

competing with anyone. Our sole purpose has always been to deliver more than we promise. Because we see our success in our people’s heroic transformation and this can be seen on our website also.

Still, with no intentions of comparison with any other firm, I would like to mention that our resolute determination to our people’s development, Truthfulness in our courses, and our offerings, Constant research on raising the standard and benchmark for people’s development. And most importantly, Our unyielding faith in our people's potential is the root of our sweetness.