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Abir Mozoomdar,Founder at The Idea Factory

Great Companies: How did you get your idea or concept for the business?

Abir Mozoomdar : I was fortunate to work as a Strategy Planning Professional in Blue Chip MNC’s and have handled national & international roles involving a gamut of Services. I worked with CEO’s/CXO’s early on in my career, and my experience gave me a 360° view of Business, across all functions. I worked for 15 long years, and realized that there is a lot of scope of Strategy in India, that is yet to be tapped. THE IDEA FACTORY, therefore, is a natural extension of my Work Experience. THE IDEA FACTORY is a national Knowledge Sector Start-Up, that centers around INNOVATION & STRATEGY. We believe that this is the right time for India to focus on innovation, & develop WORLD CLASS PRODUCTS & SERVICES, that will lead to sustainable growth, in the medium & long term.

The Idea Factory is a Strategy Training & Consulting Start-Up, that is working towards India’s growth & development, by assisting Organizations to launch new Products/Services & thereby Shift Orbits, and build sustainable Innovation Platforms, for the near future. The Idea Factory is playing a strong role in making India a HOTBED OF INNOVATION, through multiple engagements with Corporates.

Great Companies: What makes The Idea Factory different from hundreds of other similar services providers

Abir Mozoomdar : The Idea Factory is UNIQUE in several ways

IDEAS ARE OUR MAIN DIFFERENTIATOR – We believe that India has the potential to advance further through IDEATION, & INNOVATION. Ideas to Innovation is, indeed, a long journey, with various stakeholders in the continuum. Businesses need to be experimental, and successful ideas need to be scaled up nationally. We, therefore, have built up (& still building) an IDEATION PLATFORM, that takes interesting ideas forward.

STRATEGIC MODELS & CASE STUDIES- We work on the existing Business Model of Businesses, and strengthen the STRATEGIC MODEL through contemporary STRATEGY TOOLS, FRAMEWORKS & CASE STUDIES. We believe that Indian Businesses can improve their long term performance, through structured STRATEGIC THINKING.

FUTURISTIC FRAMEWORK - As a Knowledge Service Organization, we are committed to build up a strong nation, for the future. We offer Insights, Perspectives and Deep Research that enable our Clients to build up Futuristic Organizations. In the process, we help drive a Knowledge Economy.

PARTNER IN GROWTH - We invest energy & knowledge in our Customer’s growth. We, therefore, handhold our Customers, to derive results. A WIN WIN Model of growth has gone a long way in enabling Customers achieve superlative growth, and move up the Value Chain

Great Companies: What are the various Services provided by The Idea Factory ?

Abir Mozoomdar : The Idea Factory has a DYNAMIC SERVICE LINE, varying from a short duration (1-2 Days) to long term (3 Months).

Our Services are as follows

  • Training - 1/2 Days, to 5 Days

  • Advisory Services - 1 - 3 Months

  • Consulting - Freelance/Medium Term Consulting - 1 - 3 Months

  • MSME's/Startups - Medium Term Consulting - 1 - 3 Months

Our Programs are designed keeping in mind the requirements of our Clients.Currently, we have the following Programs in our Portfolio

  • THE IDEAS LAB - 1/2 Days





These are short duration Programs that help establish an initial comfort level with our Clients. As the relationship deepens, we work on CUSTOMISED PROGRAMS that suit our Customer’s needs. We also work on CASE STUDIES, that help REDEFINE CORPORATE JOURNEY/DIRECTION in the medium & long term.

Great Companies: How do you plan to grow in the future? What does 5 years down the line look like for The Idea Factory?

Abir Mozoomdar : We believe that we have started at a very opportune time, when Indian Companies, especially Startups/MSME’s are going through tough times, and may need services like ours to partner them in their difficult journeys.

We are also trying to influence the Indian Business Landscape, to have faith in our own capabilities, despite our challenges, and develop Products/Services that can compete with Multinationals, not only in India, but anywhere in the world.

We are putting our best efforts to establish contacts with B2B Clients of all sizes (from Startups, to large Size Firms), Academic Institutes, Govt. Bodies etc, and hope to be associated with them through meaningful assignments.

In the next 5 years, we would like to see ourselves as a formidable name in the Indian Business Community, and hope to see many of our IDEAS BEING SUCCESSFULLY IMPLEMENTED.

We want to contribute to the development of the Nation, by developing a satisfied clientele, and solving many national problems along the way. In the near future, The Idea Factory hopes to build an international clientele, across the globe.

Great Companies: What are the other initiatives you are working on?

Abir Mozoomdar : I have mentioned earlier that The Idea Factory is a natural extension of my work experience. In addition, I have decided to have a presence in the Academic Sector, as well. This adds well to my experience as a Visiting Faculty in select B Schools in India, during my working years.

THE LEARNING HALL is an Academic/Ed-Tech Startup, that is committed to the cause of Education in India. For the last few years, we are connected to the Student (& Teacher) Community of all ages, and together, trying to build an Institute of Repute.

As a small Team, we are PASSIONATE about Learning & Development, and hope to contribute to the field of Education, in the coming years. We believe Education is perhaps, an important way to improve ourselves economically and personally, and therefore, is a powerful tool to build a life of purpose.

In addition, I am also a Business Author, and have published my Book, a while ago.

My first Book ‘THOUGHT LEADERSHIP IN INDIA is a Nation Building attempt, and a very unique Book that gives many ideas for the development of India, and its Businesses. The Book scans the Economic Landscape of India, studies our Budgetary Framework and Policies in detail, dwells on cross border terrorism, inspires the Education Sector, processes the Emerging Technologies, and gives 3000-4000 powerful ideas to improve the same. These ideas are strong and innovative, and have the power to change the face of the Indian Economy, in the coming years. At a time, when India is trying to recover from the post Pandemic Disaster, this Book may be a great DIRECTION SETTER for Businesses & Institutions

The over encompassing canvas of The Learning Hall, The Idea Factory and Business Writing puts us as a commendable force in the fields of Teaching, Training/Consulting & Writing, touching and improving lives across the spectrum. THOUGHT LEADERSHIP is the overall platform, that weaves all 3 activities together, in a guided direction.

Our overall Mission/Vision is ‘TO MAKE INDIA A GLOBAL KNOWLEDGE HUB BY 2030’

Great Companies: What are the struggles and challenges you face?

Abir Mozoomdar : Indeed, it has been a great struggle since I started on my own, towards unchartered territories. In the beginning, I was only partially clear of what I wanted to do, without any funds or contacts. It took me a while to prepare the Blueprint of my future activities. However, I soon realized that my lack of funds, and no proper Contacts, may soon become my biggest impediment to succeed.

I was greatly relieved when I published my Book, which gave me a new identity, after my Corporate journey. Things started moving a bit faster, as an Author is indeed considered an expert, to some extent. I quickly put a Team together, and started working with a few Clients, after some conversation. Things started moving after that. Today, we are well connected, and hosting frequent Programs, on a digital Platform.

We hope to build a stable revenue stream, in a short while. Great Companies: If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

Abir Mozoomdar: As an Entrepreneur, I have learnt a lot, and still have a long way to go. The advice I want to give to Entrepreneurs, is to take the Business to some traction, and then leave your Corporate job. Otherwise, without any sustainable income, it is very difficult to survive the initial phase. With families to support, and Marketing necessities, it indeed takes a while to get a sustainable pay cheque.

Great Companies: Do you want to share any other details with your readers ?

Abir Mozoomdar : Readers can know more about us with the following links


LinkedIn: Abir Mozoomdar




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