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Abhishek Patel Environ Design Pvt Ltd

Company Name: Abhishek Patel Environ Design Pvt Ltd

Founder Name: Abhishek Patel

Category and Sub-Category: Architecture, Interior Design & Green Building Consultants

City: Vadodara

Year of Founding: 2015

Can you provide us with a description about your Brand / Company:

APED (ISO 9001: 2015) is an internationally-acclaimed Architecture and Interior design firm with branch offices in Vancouver, Canada, Vadodara, India and Udaipur, India.

We are passionate about designing built environments for discriminating and engaged clients with utmost consistency, authenticity and integrity. And we’re committed to advancing our design through in-depth research and analysis.

Our clients return to us because we invest the time to understand them and can realize their vision. It is why our work is important to our clients, to our societies and to ourselves. It is the difference we make and why we choose this noble profession.

Together, through power of design we enrich people’s life and help organizations succeed.

Since our beginning in 2002, we've been dedicated to charting a different path. Our Core Values - define us as who we are as organization:

• Ideate, Innovate, Invigorate

• Continuous Learning

• Optimistic Attitude

• Build Relationships

• Moral Conduct

• Accountability

• Transparency

• Recognition

• Simplicity


We take the culture of our firm very earnestly, as a straight reflection of the authenticity and connectedness we seek to manifest in our work.

We strive to maintain a healthy design culture, where everyone in the organization is taught to understand and respect the value of design as a holistic and process-driven discipline. Through design culture we bridge on understanding that decisions should be made intentionally - true to its purpose.

Clients come first in everything we do: We work across the global economy. Our clients are remarkably diverse: large and small, private and public, for-profit and nonprofit. We help them grow, sustain, and transform: whatever it takes to embrace their future.

We're organized around each client relationship. Client needs, expectations, and strategy provide the context for every project we carry out together. Whatever their size, wherever our clients need us, we're set up to deliver.

Environmental Responsibility: We strongly promote environmental responsibility through our practice of sustainable design and application of “green” measures in the ongoing operation of the firm. We have developed technical expertise and protocol to analyze alternative design solution for sustainability metrics throughout the design process.

“Every client has a story to tell! And that a built environment is a great medium for expressing it.” – Abhishek Patel, APED Inc. CEO

Out of our passion and the reason why we choose this noble profession, we are committed to help every client to express their story worth telling and living. In the end, we always regret the choices we didn't make & the dreams we didn't fight for.

While conducting our initial programming for any project, we get all the basics like: the headcounts, the preferences, the adjacencies and so on, however the most importantly we remain curious to learn the why part as well - how your company got rolling, who the people are, what they like to do and suchlike. Your story matters to us.

We call this the APED way, rooted well into the basics of our practice. For us it wings the justice to the soul of any project — and it's implied in every service that we offer: commercial or residential architecture and interiors, tenant improvements, sustainable design consulting and more.

Design Culture is about rediscovering

the human side of business!

USP / Competitive Advantage:

HELPING ADVANCING SPACES THROUGH STRATEGIC DESIGN SOLUTIONS THAT INSPIRES, CONNECTS & PERFORMS ! With mastery in providing innovative design solutions, we are also expert in devising various strategies including Workplace Design Strategy, Lifestyle Strategy, Visual Merchandising, HealthCare, Sustainable design and more. Hence, its a real competitive advantage for us being pioneer and leading the trend in the market.

Your accomplishments, milestones achieved so far:

In 2021, "Abhishek Patel Environ Design Pvt Ltd" successfully incorporated & established its affiliate company "Abhishek Patel Environ Design Inc." with a fully operation physical branch office in Vancouver Canada. Company got ISO 9001 : 2015 accredited in addition to A+ rating from BBB (Better Business Bureau) in Canada. Company was handpicked by "Three Best Rated" services under "Three Best Interior Designers of Vadodara" Category for5th year in the row. Abhishek Patel, CEO is representing the company in serving as International Grand Jury for A' Design Award & Competition from past 4 years. APED opened branch office in Udaipur, Rajasthan in 2016. APED is previliedge to achieve such continuous milestone each year in addition to successfully working on prestigious projects for diverse and distinct organizations.

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