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Aayush Jain- Director of Dura Roof Pvt Ltd

Great Companies:What are the various products and services that are provided by Dura Roof?

Aayush Jain:We have two product lines:

Steel Roofing Sheets - We have two different types of steel roofing sheets, namely, Colour Coated Roofing Sheets (marketed under our brand Dura Roof) and Galvalume Roofing Sheets (marketed under our brand Dura Lume). These are low cost, low maintenance and long lasting roofing solutions which are used in warehouses, factories, rural houses and residential as well as commercial establishments in urban cities.

Roller Doors - Roller doors are a superior alternative to conventional rolling shutters. While roller doors are widely used in developed countries, we are the its only major manufacturer in India. We also provide automation options in our roller doors which allow it to operate with just the push of a button. 

Great Companies:Tell us about the motive behind the founding of this company and has it met with expectations?

Aayush Jain:The steel roofing industry is decades old afflicted with availability issues and standardisation problems. Our motive behind starting our roofing product line was to fill in the inherent market requirement of high quality roofing solutions that can be customised according to customer needs and delivered in a short time.Our motive behind starting our Roller Door arm was to replace an existing inferior product altogether. The shutter industry in India is a stagnated one which has barely gone through any change for many decades. Our roller doors are a unique product through which we have set out to disrupt the ageing and fragmented shutter industry with a highly superior product and professional service which we hope will soon turn around the industry in the coming years.

Great Companies:What makes you different from the other companies that provides the same products and services?

Aayush Jain:From the outset, we have taken immense care in maintaining high quality standards for all our product lines. We have managed to be cost effective by maintaining high operational efficiency and use of lean manufacturing which has allowed us not to compromise on raw materials for both our roofing and roller door segments.  Additionally, our roller doors are unique in the sense that there are no similar products in the market. Our roller doors are an alternative to conventional shutters with several benefits such as low maintenance (no painting and lubrication requirements) , long life (rust proof) and smooth and noiseless operation.

Great Companies:What are the issues that you had to face in your journey?

Aayush Jain:The major issue for our roofing arm has been to set up a distribution network which makes it possible for the consumers to get their orders in the shortest time. We have managed to get on board close to a hundred dealers across North East India and Bhutan in just three years of operation.For our roller doors, the major challenge has been to get product acceptance as it's a completely new solution in the market. Its similar to the incandescent and CFL bulbs problem where we are proving a costlier product that provides greater value through lower maintenance and longer life. Educating people about these benefits has been a challenge for us.

Great Companies:How do you ensure the quality of your products?

Aayush Jain:There are three aspects in maintaining product quality:

Raw material - We carefully choose our suppliers and regularly test the materials to ensure the best quality. In fact, a lot of our input raw materials are imported as the alternatives in India have not passed our quality tests.

Infrastructure - We have invested heavily on our plant and machinery to ensure the best output. Moreover, we conduct regular maintenance work to check for any defects that might impact our product.

People - We have an extensive training routine for all our employees including the production team in charge of manufacturing, the sales team in charge of customer support as well as the service team in charge of servicing our products.

With a strong emphasis in all the three parameters, we have managed to ensure superior quality of all our products.



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