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Aanchal Aggarwal - Founder of Handmade Gifting (BR CREATIONS)

Great Companies: Can you tell a little bit about your company Handmade Gifting(BR CREATIONS)?

Aanchal Aggarwal: Selecting a particular gift for your loved ones is difficult, specially when you’re shopping for someone who has absolutely everything already. 

Our company curates specialised and personalised products which not only take up the shelf space but also create a place in the hearts.

Great Companies: What makes Handmade Gifting(BR CREATIONS) different from hundreds of other Gifting firms?

Aanchal Aggarwal: We started our journey on 30 November 2014. It has been almost 6 years since then. The day we started our journey we knew that there was no backing out and to be successful we had to win hearts. 

We made sure that our product ideas were out of the box. We wanted to create a spark in the eyes of our customers. Each and every product we create is not only a product, we give a part of us in every product, we bring out the soulfulness. 

Great Companies: What are the various Gifting products provided by your company?

Aanchal Aggarwal: We have a diversity in range of gifting products. We customise everything on the basis of our client’s preferences, likes and dislikes. We want to make each and every occasion special. From birthdays to anniversary to baby shower, we have to make the client feel special. We create a variety of products like scrap books, explosion box, pop up cards, chocolate bouquets. We like to blow up the mind of our customers, so you think of anything and we’ll create that too.

Great Companies: How do you plan to grow in the future? What does 5 years down the line look like for Handmade Gifting(BR CREATIONS)?

Aanchal Aggarwal: Since this business is totally based on human resources, the innovation ideas are innumerable. To grow in such a dynamic environment, innovation is the key to success. We have been continuously thinking of new ideas, creating new products, accepting challenging assignments. We have always tried to identify and grab the new opportunities. 

5 years down the line, we will significantly expand our customer base, develop a close relationship with our customers. Also, we will try to occupy a space in each and everyone’s heart and space in everyone’s home. For us, success is going above and beyond what is expected and we are ready to achieve it.

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