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A woman entrepreneur committed to providing high quality education

A woman entrepreneur committed to providing high quality education & training brings forward essential skills to shape up the learning minds of young generation preparing tomorrow’s leaders.

Founded by Ridhi Gupta, quit her full-time job to become woman entrepreneur in Bangalore, Karnataka with the tagline – the spirit of learning; broadening from performing arts to online tuitions, skill development, journalism, entrepreneurship, and career counselling courses.

Today’s ever-changing world is unpredictable, and while this may be the case only for the near future, but these times have affected certain drastic changes that will very likely be permanent, if not greatly encouraged.

As a parent, all we want for our kids is an uninterrupted, comprehensive and burgeoning education. The gaps in our education system were evident even before the pandemic, and the need for a more expansive and holistic approach to our children’s education and development were made apparent to us as far back as 2016. Our experience of the lack of consistency, reliability, and the myopic approach to learning and all-round development fuelled our desire to create a platform that combined the techniques adopted by countries such as Japan, Sweden, Finland and the USA. This became our goal as well – to nurture and develop our future generations into responsible, compassionate, analytical, creative, bold and worldly-wise citizens of our country.

Utsaah Learning private limited is an organization launched in 2017, focusing on implanting the quality of performing arts while recognizing the need for this in students.

The company is associated with more than 26 schools, taught more than 5,000 students, and conducts training programs, theatre, cooking, different dance forms like Kalaripayattu, musical instruments, singing, and a lot more, making the schools treating the enlightenment of creativity within students a serious concern throughout development.

The Beginning of UTSAAH

It’s truly said, “Necessity is a need for invention” just as this woman founder and a Mom, Ridhi Gupta realizing how important it is for kids to get exposed to holistic development at the early age of their lives to be confident enough to accept their career paths. She was struggling to get her child this kind of exposure which stimulated the setup of this business. Utsaah was built to give a young mind to explore their interests and enrich the process of growth for the age between 5 to 15. Ridhi Gupta while talking on the learning loop mentioned how her child’s karate classes kept on getting cancelled due to the rain in Bangalore about 4 years back, that’s when she gave up her full-time job to found this venture.

She also shared a journey of how she caught her big fish in the early stage, this was none other than one of the number one CBSE schools in Karnataka which was a great breakthrough. This school is a cultural hub and onboarded Utsaah to expose their students to these essential life skills, which are needed to develop worldly-wise responsible citizens. The company has a vision and a motto which is reflected in the name itself- UTSAAH stands for United Team Solely Associated for Arts and Happiness.

Utsaah for Students, Parents, and Society

Utsaah is a training and educational platform that understands how children are the most valuable resources and how crucial it is to familiarize them with the creative activities, fundamental blocks for development. While interacting with Great Companies, Ridhi Gupta quotes “We start our class with a pledge which instils Utsaah amongst the children and a feeling that YES, WE ARE HAPPY ARTISTS, WE ARE HEARTISTS. Also, identification of Talent in kids and grooming them further via a structured mechanism, nurturing the talent to create master’s all such initiatives keep the Utsaah of the children soaring high.”

Parents of children who have taken up the courses of performing arts, Career Development (SWOT), STEM courses recently introduced are very positively recommending to other parents as well as they see the change and sense of confidence. Bring balance and establishing strong character has been a premise for the company as it joins hands with schools to share the load of personality fabrication of bairns.

Some of the special value-adding events organized are Utsaah Connect – Having interactive workshops covering topics like financial prudence, Public speaking, media literacy, etc; Utsaah Limelight – Gives a platform to art lovers and learners to connect with some famous artists. The saga is an e-book published by the company every year to acknowledge all the activities and extraordinary achievements for parents.


Director and Co-founder, Ridhi Gupta also stated how she embraced the technology to reach out to as many as people and started online courses available on their website. The company now believes to come to other cities than Bangalore, Karnataka while making big moves and taking the learning to an up level. Organizing more competitive events where juveniles can showcase their talent while learning.

Edited by Samridhi Sharma

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