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3DM Agency

3DM is a creative Lead Performance Marketing Agency that partners with brands that are looking to increase their marketing impact in a digital-first scenario.

Helping brands realize their true marketing potential via digital platforms is what makes their customers choose and recommend them highly. Reimagining the possibilities is what makes 3DM stand out as a digital solutions partner.

3DM, the agency was set up by Sharath Chandra, CEO, and Co-Founder, and Navneeth Gowrishetty, Co-Founder at 3DM in the year 2015 in Hyderabad. The founders, having had first-hand experience in digital marketing strategy and operations, were able to perceive the shift in the markets. Scalability, data crunching, measuring ROI and the impact of advertising dollars were causing marketers to rethink their marketing strategies. The democratization of digital platforms moved entire audience segments from traditional to digital avenues. And brands that did not have a digital-first strategy were soon being left behind.

At the outset, 3DM was a small young team of digital marketers with versatile skillsets. The agency has since grown by 30 times and now has several designers, copywriters, social media analysts, and tech support personnel. And the services they specialize in are web design & development, digital strategy, content marketing, performance marketing, and consulting strategy.

The objective is to serve as a one-stop-shop for all things digital. As part of their digital transformation portfolio, they provide :

● Strategic brand solutions,

● Growth hacking,

● Digital strategy & planning,

● Performance marketing,

● Creative brand communication,

● Media & promotions,

● Influencer marketing,

● Digital experience automation,

● Consumer success etc.,

Simple, creative strategies help cement a brand’s presence online and generate incremental sales and revenue for the company. Effectively creating, curating, and disseminating the content is a great way to engage audiences. Keeping existing followers engaged is cost-effective in comparison to acquiring new ones. It has also made brands accessible and opened channels of communication with customers.

Internet being a great equalizer ensures wide reach with greater effectiveness; hence companies are jumping on the online advertising bandwagon to supplement their lead

generation efforts and conversions. As a consequence, top agencies such as 3DM have partnered with over 250 brands, in just over 6 years which is nothing short of an achievement; and a proud one at that.

3DM had one of its first high points when it received the Google Partner Certification in 2016, and in 2020 when it was listed on Nielsen as “ Top Digital Marketing Companies in Hyderabad, 2020”. Several more accolades have been bestowed on the agency such as “Pearl of Hyderabad” and “Most Promising Marketing Startup, Hyderabad 2019” by Silicon India.

A matter of pride for the agency is also the clients they boast of; Paytm, Radio Mirchi,GMR Group. RGIA, L&T Metro, Vijaya Group, Phoenix Group, Ramky, Vasavi Group, Bajaj Electronics, Pi Datacenters, Accurate Windchimes, Praneeth Group. The road ahead for 3DM seems to be onward and upward.



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