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Dashmeet Kaur Founder & CEO at Zavvy HR Solutions

Great Companies : What services does Zavvy provides to its clients?

Dashmeet Kaur : Zavvy provides services and overall solutions to its clients. We cover up the fields of recruiting the correct employee, outsourcing to fulfill the client's need.

Great Companies : How does Zavvy recruit a perfect candidate for their client?

Dashmeet Kaur : Our team understands the need of our client. Then we call upon the candidates through linkedin, monster, indeed & social media. We then screen the candidates, interview them and analyze them. The screening process involves the evaluation of candidate's key skills, soft skills the way they behave and respond during the interview. After going through all this churning process we finalize the best.

Great Companies : What is the main objective of Zavvy HR solutions?

Dashmeet Kaur : Our objective is to fight unemployment & provide stress free solutions to our clients and candidates. We are mostly like match makers. We observe and understand the need of the employer. Then we do our best to match the best. It works vice a versa for both employees and employers.

Great Companies : Does it provide counseling and training to the candidates?

Dashmeet Kaur : Yes, we do. In today's market only brushed and polished products sell. Our candidates are our products. We do our best for their enhancement. We do counsel the candidates (such as for career, psychologically or education related) and also having an expert counsellor in our team who interact with the candidates via call or text.

Great Companies : What other services does Zavvy provide to its clients?

Dashmeet Kaur : We provide training in various fields and sectors. As I have mentioned earlier, we provide solution to the needs of our clients and candidates.

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