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Sugandha Agarwal, CEO - Founder at Docttocare

Great Companies: How was the idea of this app born? Sugandha : I am from Tier 2 city and know the pain of a patient family. I just figure out that problem and solving.

Great Companies : Brief us a little about docttocare. Sugandha : Docttocare is one of the leading healthcare online portals that enable users from non-metro cities access and book surgery appointment with doctors and hospitals located in major cities. Docttocare app handholds the users through the entire process of identifying the right doctors/hospitals, scheduling appointments on the desired date, Give the estimate of the surgery, arranging the transport/stay. Users, thus, can focus fully on receiving high-quality treatment and off-load logistical challenges to an experienced team of Docttocare. We are providing funds also if patients are not able to effort their surgery.

Great Companies : What are the key features of docttocare? Sugandha :

1. Cost estimation from hospitals

2. A place to stay near to the hospital

3. Funds for a patient.

Great Companies : What other benefits can one avail through this app? Sugandha : We provide free medical stays near to the hospital in some cases. and we have some ongoing promotional offers also.

Great Companies : Does it help in providing the appointment for specialist doctors of metro cities? Sugandha : Yes, We do have only prime hospitals on our portal including 1000 surgeries like liver transplant, bypass surgery, Punctured lungs, etc.

Great Companies : Does this app provide any special discount to its customers?

Sugandha : Yes, We provide lowest cost surgery in our hospitals,

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