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Nikunj G Katkoria CEO and Co-Founder WriteSoft Inc

Great Companies: Can you brief us a little about the concept of this start-up? Nikunj Katkoria: WriteSoft is an answer for all your writing tensions! Be it Grammatical errors, plagiarized content, or unable to find quality employee or content, just send us your requirements, choose the package, and snap, your content is ready. We have 2 domains, Content Writing and Web development. We help clients to develop and maintain their websites blogs and social media handles by providing the right Content and Customised Images and Posters. We are having different teams for each and every function. For example, in Content Writing, we have a separate team for writers and separate team for proofreading. Great Companies: What all groups of the populace can benefit from your services except for writers and students? Nikunj Katkoria: Content Writing and Web Development Services are required by almost each and every person who aspires to be an entrepreneur. Majorly Digital Marketing Agencies, Online and E-commerce companies and Educational institutions can take advantage of our services. We aim to help everyone with this by providing the required services at very low cost.

Great Companies: What all services do you offer? What is the price range? Nikunj Katkoria: As mentioned, we offer content writing and web development services to corporates at a very low cost. Our very Basic Package starts from Rs. 2499, in which we provide up to 24000 words in a month, 1000 words everyday - 6 days a week. We also have different packages depending on the clients' requirement. All the details are mentioned on our website - Great Companies: What is the success mantra behind your company’s progress till date? Nikunj Katkoria: The biggest factor in any service industry is the quality and timely delivery of work. Every person has their commitments and needs the work to be delivered on the mentioned time, failing affects their business. As our content passes through n number of stages, we ensure that proper quality is maintained along with timely delivery. We keep a track of each and every minute and ensure that the client gets the delivery within 24 hours as per the update cycles. Great Companies: What all do you plan on doing and offering in the future or in about 5 years, how do you see Write Sofi INC? Nikunj Katkoria: Everyone wants to be at the top, and since inception, we are striving very hard to fulfil the clients' requirements. Past 6 months has been extremely challenging, and now we are working on automating the processes, where a client will get regular updates 24x7 as in which stage their work is currently. The process will completely be automated in the next 3-4 months. In the coming years, we are planning to expand globally so that everyone can take advantage of our services and we keep exploring, keep learning and keep helping be at the top in this industry.

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