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Hivve Creative Solutions

The roots of Hivve Creative Solutions are based on a problem the founder, Mr. Adnan M Alam had faced himself, with his first start-up, that small companies and start-ups do not have access to professional marketing agencies due to lack of resources and funds. Established as a solution, Hivve Creative Solutions was founded with a single goal in mind, help companies share their stories through branding, identity development, and Digital Marketing/ Advertising.


The company was founded in May 2018 and is based out of Mumbai.

Hivve is the brainchild of Mr. Adnan M Alam, who holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration Honours from Cambridge University, London. A Professional Web and Graphic Designer, Motivational Speaker and a professor of Digital Marketing, Web Design and Entrepreneurship at several well-known institutes, he is an all-rounder that is conquering it all one step at a time.

Hivve is a play upon the word 'Hive' which is indicative of a well-built network used by worker bees. The same philosophy is followed by Hivve Creative Solutions where the aim is to connect the right people through Design, Strategy, and Marketing.

Hivve Creative Solutions comprises of a small yet powerful team of Designers, Writers, and Marketers who create powerful brand identities and marketing campaigns through design and storytelling.

Hivve works closely with its clients, delivering constant work updates and feedback which helps in creating a very customized and personal marketing solution for every client, based on their current needs.


Hivve Creative Solutions offers the complete suite of Marketing solutions which include Digital Marketing, Digital Advertising, Social Media Marketing, Branding, and Brand Identity Development, Media Planning and Buying, Brand Management, etc. In terms of Digital Design and Development, a full suite of services are available which cover website design and development, app development and Content Production. Hivve Creative Solutions follows a flexible pricing model based on the needs of the client, but services start at INR 25,000.


What differentiates Hivve from its competitors is the way they operate. Following a core culture of delivering more than what is promised, through which they add a very personal and committed touch to each project that is undertaken by the organization. Another unique selling point for Hivve Creative Solutions is the flexible and competitive pricing structure which enables even the smallest of business or start-ups to get access to professional marketing and advertising services.

During the first year of operation, Hivve had been actively working with the then recent start-ups in several different market niches. Some of their clients include

->Spreading Bliss Foundation - NGO,

->JobTalk - Online Learning and Development Platform,

->Swing of Life Foundation - NGO,

->Auto Assist - Automotive startup in UAE,

->Upstacle - Women Empowerment Blog

->Aiming Darts - Corporate Service Providers

->Digital Culture Institute - Institute of Digital Learning

Hivve Creative Solutions faces tough competition from other well-established marketing agencies who have captured most of the market share and market penetration for the company is slowly but quite steadily increasing.


Hivve is a self-funded company.

In the journey so far, the most memorable moments have been when clients had started generating revenue or securing new leads, prospects, and customers through Hivve’s intensive marketing and branding solutions.

Their future goals are focused upon up-scaling and securing more international clients and hopefully larger companies.

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