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Before inception of EarlySalary, there was a large credit undeserved population in India. The founders realised, easily accessible financial assistance was non-existent for young professionals and job beginners. They experience month-end cash crunch and due to lack of credit-score knowledge, they are unable to borrow money from the traditional credit facilities available.


EarlySalary was founded in 2015 and is based out of Pune.

Akshay Mehrotra, the Co-Founder and the CEO of EarlySalary chose Pune to launch his own start-up for a number of reasons. Firstly, being close to Mumbai, they get access to the best financial insights. Secondly, operational expenditure is 30 percent lower than Bengaluru-based startups. And finally, as their employees say, Pune offers them a better lifestyle, where they can manage with low rentals and stay close to the workplace, commute time is less and still enjoy all facilities like other metro cities,

Choosing Pune has proved worthwhile when on a monthly basis, the company contributes almost Rs 35 crore to the balance sheet. Moreover, performance wise the company has disbursed 9L loans amounting to Rs 1,500 crores, which further proves Pune is an emerging startup hub and has a huge potential to grow.


Akshay Mehrotra is the Co-Founder and CEO of EarlySalary, India’s largest consumer lending application.

Ashish Goyal is the Co-Founder and CFO of EarlySalary; India’s largest consumer lending application. He oversees the overall strategic direction of EarlySalary.


EarlySalary is a mobile-based app that helps young professionals with Instant cash, Salary advances and other EMI options. Unlike, traditional credit facilities, EarlySalary charges much less interest rates, i.e., starting 2.5%


EarlySalary differentiates itself by focusing on solving a singular problem faced by its core TG – young salaried working professional. It introduced the concept of instant digital Salary Advance for the first time in the country. The company also provides flexible loan amounts starting from ₹ 5000 to ₹ 2, 00,000 on various loan categories – Shopping, Travel, Education, Medical etc. EarlySalary also serves as Financial Wellness Partners for more than 300+ companies and employees.

Yes, there are competitors but EarlySalary leads from the front and continues to stem on its growth focus. The company is dedicated to solve specific problems faced by their customers and going deeper in building products to help many more customers. Today, while they are leaders in the digital salary advance and instant loans space, they have also integrated into many company’s HR systems to help even first jobbers and Blue-Grey Collar employees borrow instantly. Focusing on consumer credit needs has helped the company build additional products like EMI Credit for Shopping and Travel with leading online partners with No-Cost EMI offerings. Also, with a special focus on Education and Skill upgradation EarlySalary has introduced education loans on the app.


EarlySalary’s TG of young working professionals is the fasted growing segment in the country and hence would like to build EarlySalary as a market leader in this category. And in next 3 years, they aim to build a billion dollar balance sheet.

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