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The business world today runs on sales. Sales is the bread and butter of corporate offices and businesses. It is the oxygen needed for any business to survive and thrive! However, many organizations lack salespeople who are updated with their sales game and Sales5X helps to bridge this gap.

A sales training and consultation firm, Sales5X helps small and medium businesses increase their sales by offering sales training for their sales staff ranging from prospecting, qualifying, pitching, handling objections, closing the deal, nurturing, asking referrals and upselling. A rigorous training process with a promise of successful results has resulted in many business owners seeking out help from Sales5X. The company was founded by Anmol Garg and Joseph Dass, each of them having worked intensely in the field of sales with the latter having an experience of over 25 years and the former, having an inspirational tale from being a software engineer to a sales engineer! Joseph Das has done it all, a master of all trades, sales-related, he started his career in sales by selling vacuum cleaners door to door in the 90’s. He then became a sales manager at Samsung working in both B2C and B2B markets for 10 years. Then he took over as VP, Sales at Eurostar, managing a team of over 300 members across 5 countries. Anmol, a connoisseur in the field of sales is capable of even “selling ice to an Eskimo.” A digital marketer by passion, Anmol has worked with and helped over 35+businesses with their sales and marketing strategies. Being a popular anchor across India, having hosted 500+ corporate & social events, he has mastered the art of building rapport with a huge audience within 30 seconds, improvising on the spot & influencing people - all essentials skills for a great salesperson!

As successful as Sales5X has become, the founders have talked about challenges that business owners typically face with their sales teams. Speaking on the same, Joseph says, “Lot of salespeople in these businesses don’t come from a sales background, hence the lack the ability to engage with the customer. They might be able to do a great presentation but are completely clueless on how to close the deal. They are unable to handle customer objections.” On handling and guiding new age business owners, they have found them struggling to create a growth roadmap and executing it. Though business owners have shown their capability, having come as far as they have today, it takes understanding strategy and well-planned execution of sales plans to take the next step of growth. Entrepreneurs are unable to come up with a winning digital marketing strategy and therefore have issues with leveraging the opportunities available online. Without a healthy pipeline, poor conversion rates are the norm.

Currently, Sales5X claims to have trained over 6000 sales professionals and has been credited to have effectively transformed 200 businesses. Recently featured on All India Radio, they were called out for sharing some of the best practices in sales and how to do sales in the 21st century! With services being offered both online and offline and putting out free webinars every Thursday evening, they are continuously helping corporates & businesses achieve their high sales targets!

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