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Dilkash Rai Malhotra Co Founder & COO Avenue Growth

Great Companies- How did you get the idea of 'Avenue Growth'?

Dilkash Rai Malhotra Sales is the single most important function of any company. Companies spend a sizable fixed amount on internal teams that may be heavy on costs once team size increases. We think that our mass reach will help brands penetrate to various locations within 72 hours within India. Sales is only possible once the right target segment is met. Avenue Growth’s huge value add is that it reaches to a brands target segment at scale, thus opening the pipeline funnel.

Great Companies- You have collaborated with more than 15,000+ Growth Specialist, 500+Cities & Towns and 200+ brands. How has your journey been so far?

Dilkash Rai Malhotra The journey has been interesting so far. I remember, we had an internal celebration when we touched 100 Growth Specialists and we called each of them and thanked them for believing in our concept. Thereafter our journey has been on an upward trend. Today we are working with some of the top global brands. Our tier 1 Growth Specialists (Freelancers) earn around Rs. 50,000 on a monthly basis. We offer them to freelance with companies that may have been aspirational in nature during the course of their careers.

Great Companies- Why did you choose to be an entrepreneur rather than a fixed time job?

Dilkash Rai Malhotra

Based on my past experience, I am thankful to have experienced the complete business cycle in Operations, Supply Chain, Business Development, Marketing and Media. Also having worked with giant global conglomerates to the likes of Metro Cash & Carry and Proactiv, I picked-up valuable insights and learnings with razor focused approach. Great Companies- How do you define success?

Dilkash Rai Malhotra

Success to me is a continuous process. Doing better each day would eventually create growth, be it in professional or personal life. Great Companies- Any advice you would like to give to aspiring entrepreneurs?

Dilkash Rai Malhotra

Believe in yourself! That ultimately has a resonating effect which in turn aspires you to move towards your end goal. Always have a shared sense of purpose and be all in-all the time.

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