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Adv. Roshni Lachhwani Founder - Intellexsys

Great Companies- Can you please tell us about some of the services provided at Intellexsys Legal Solutions?

Adv. Roshni Lachhwani - Intellexsys was founded 4 years ago to provide legal solutions in the field of intellectual property rights, information technology, media and business laws. Intellexsys assists businesses, start-ups, individuals, organisations, etc. with a holistic array of process involved in legal business development, trade mark, copyright, patents, web agreements, media agreements, franchise agreements, intellectual property and information technology, legal and business consultancy, legal due diligence for clients based across the globe having catered to countries such as Dubai, Singapore, Japan, Netherlands, USA, Italy, Hong Kong, Hungary, Malaysia and Russia.

Great Companies- Your company provides many services related to IP, how do you ensure efficiency and accuracy in your work?

Adv. Roshni Lachhwani - With the advent of artificial intelligence, Intellexsys has launched its own mobile application. Any customer can download the APP to view the current status of all the applications filed in their name which has streamlined my processes with regards to sending e-mails/SMS for constant changes in the status of an application. Further, a link which is available on my website upon request allows customers to create drafts of standard process related document within a few seconds by filling a small form to execute with pre-defined instructions. This keeps the management of work efficient. Further, updating drafting and legal skills by taking up new courses and constantly innovating are small attempts to reach a new level of delivering accuracy in work. It’s a never-ending practice.

Great Companies- What made you start a company and be an entrepreneur rather than work as a lawyer?

Adv. Roshni Lachhwani – Legal requirements for businesses are growing by the second, and what’s important to young and established businesses is to get honest legal advice for the price paid. Further, no business wants to tie its growth to litigation simply for being unaware of how intellectual property rights work has become a pre-requisite for businesses across the globe. That’s precisely where my business, Intellexsys Legal Solutions, fit the bill. Our sole motto is to provide litigation-free solutions by trying alternate legal modalities within a short span of time, successfully fetching the results our patrons wanted and at the price a start-up could afford too!

Great Companies- What are the problems that you faced during your starting years?

Adv. Roshni Lachhwani - Being a young lawyer and freshly versed in the field, it was a challenge to convince others about the quality of the work and skill on offer. Legal consultancy is one of those professions where a customer expects an elderly looking wise man/woman to guide them and help them avoid making mistakes in business. No-one expects a doe-eyed girl to guide them in legal processes. Precise and timely responsiveness is what helped me carve my own space. However, initially, when I started providing legal services as a freelancer, a small obstacle was to start from scratch using all the savings from internships and jobs towards business expenses, which eventually did generate income but the wait was exasperating. To add to this, lack of manpower support and lack of mentorship would create self-doubt. I gained confidence in my work when I was chosen by few MNC’s to handle their IP work solely due to my understanding of the subject, especially after I pitched along with existing big and small intellectual property firms.

Great Companies- Any advice you would like to give to aspiring entrepreneurs?

Adv. Roshni Lachhwani – Knowing is not enough, building upon your knowledge is – it leads to innovation. A student’s approach with a learning attitude towards business helps move beyond and overcome errors with a fresh mind set to help avoid a repeat episode. Taking responsibility with integrity, honesty and acceptance along with constant innovation and a learner’s approach is the path to the development of a sustainable business model. Your work should reflect you!

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