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Interviewer - What is the story behind 'Style Space'? Radhika Shankar : In the year 2011, we constructed our house, and I personally had invested efforts in designing and selecting the right materials, colors etc for the Interiors. I found that I had this knack of designing and execution. With this experience, I started helping friends and relatives (Pro Bono work) in their Interior needs. I then realized that this is my strength, and hence founded Style Space in 2013. It has been a great journey since then, with over 250 happy customers.

Interviewer - What are your core values which you follow to design homes? Radhika Shankar : I have three core beliefs, which I practice religiously at Style Space

1. Never compromise on Quality (Material, Finish etc)

2. Never compromise on Timely Delivery

3. Home is not a place, it is a feeling. (Deliver an experience to the customer, not just woodwork)

Interviewer- What makes 'Your Style Space' different from other interior designing companies? Radhika Shankar : Style space is a Boutique Interior firm, and it stands apart from other Interior Designing companies by way of :

1. Style Space is one of the very few Women Owned and Run Interior Designing Companies. As a woman, I understand the nuances of what a home needs in terms of effective space management, style and lighting.

2. Though I take up and execute the interiors (wood work), I ensure that I spend additional time and effort to suggest and select the right Lighting, Screens, Movable Furniture, Fittings & Accessories etc, that match with the interiors theme that we create.

3. I believe that Interior Design is an art and science of understanding people's behavior to create a functional space. I ensure that I digest the customer's dreams (requirements) and add on to it to create the best interiors that are cherished by them.

4. I believe that ENVIRONMENT is more important than ECONOMY. Hence we at Style Space, plant a Tree after the completion of every Project. Interviewer- What are the strategies you follow to stay ahead of your competitors? Radhika Shankar : A few concepts that have been working for me successfully are :

1. I do not do any marketing (Advertisement, campaigns etc). I do not employ any marketing people, but my CUSTOMERS BECOME MY MARKETING TEAM, as they are happy with the overall output, price and timely delivery. All the 250 projects that I have completed have come ONLY FROM CUSTOMER REFERRALS.

2. TEAM WORK means MORE WE and LESS ME. My 70+ Strong team of skilled Carpenters are my strength, and I have leveraged this to provide exemplary finish, in the least timelines.

3. As a Woman, I understand that each thing in a house needs its own space. Starting from your news paper to your expensive jewelry, we plan the right Place, Space and Size for each of these items.

Interviewer- What is your success mantra?

Radhika Shankar : Simple. "No one has traveled the road of Success, without crossing the street of Failure". Every project I complete, gives me a new lesson, which I ensure to utilize in the next Project. I look at PAIN as Positive Attitude In Negative Situation. This keeps me going, and makes me to deliver the best to my customers, and keep them as Happy Customers for ever.

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