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Chandrashekar.B.K CEO Of Bajillion Labs Pvt ltd

Great Companies - How did you get the idea of 'Bajillion Labs Pvt Ltd'?

Chandrashekar.B.K: Bajillion Labs, the vision was to setup an entity to do something different and to bring out a unique value proposition to the people. We had been working on few ideas for about 6 months before we could mature that into a formal entity. Couple of the Verticals we had shortlisted was Laundry, Smart Lockers and Supporting Technology platform all would be developed and managed in-house. With the above vision the company was formulated. Laundry and Laundromats is one of the growing markets and we had a plan to bring in Turnkey Setup concept which never existed in INDIA and more importantly offer a cost effective one stop solution to all out clients. We are happy now that we are associated with 20+ Laundry brands across India, we are in to Institutional and Community based laundries And Hotel Laundries as well. We are now recognized by people for not selling machines but for selling a concept/solution and offer a one stop service post sales, guide them with the requisite information and data and support for making this a organised segment.

Our own Tech Platform for Laundry Management is used by 30+ Clients and we are continuously improvising the same at a very affordable cost so that all the Launderers can take the benefit of the latest technology platform. Further we are now promoting Laundry locker Concepts to have virtual stores instead of physical stores where by you have a huge savings on the Capex an Opex cost. This is a upcoming concept and we expect the same to grow over a period of time.

Great Companies - What steps do you take to maintain consistency in your work to give the best outputs?

Chandrashekar.B.K: We have a team which is fully set and operational and when we sign a project we have a checklist that need to adhered from arranging the equipment’s, chemicals, accessories, logistics, delivery and installation. We make sure one of the senior management people is also available at the site at the time of installation, most of the time I try myself to be there so that we have a good client relationship built over a period of time. Our key to success is after sales support and service that we render to our client which is why we have more than 80+ Clients and growing which we could bag over a short span of time.

Great Companies- What barriers did you face initially while establishing your company? Chandrashekar.B.K: Any Entrepreneur when he starts must be more determined, have patience and adapt to the latest trends and advancements. We also when through the similar challenges and phases over the last 2~3 years. Being self-funded and sustain yourself and make a name in the industry needs a lot of patience and perseverance. Have a vision and make it happen with the latest technology platform, we did have a lot of financial challenges, manpower challenges and the technology platform challenge. But with lot of efforts and dedication we are now happy to be identified and a successful company in the way we want to take things to market, keeping it cost effective and more importantly be there for you client when is in need of help and support. Great Companies- Do you have any plans for expanding the services your company provides? Chandrashekar.B.K: We plan to expand our Turnkey concept initially across South India and then eventually we plan up Pan India operations and if opportunity permits we can look at this in other countries as well. Being a one stop shop of a growing and unorganized market is more challenging and at the same time the efforts to make it organised keeps us going long way to make thing happen. With support of the Industry and people we can expand and support this concept in a much bigger way and that's what we want to continue and will thrive for the same.

Great Companies- What suggestions would you give to future business corporations and budding entrepreneurs? Chandrashekar.B.K: Entrepreneurship is a challenge and not all are ready to take up this kind of challenge. One must be determined and stay focused during the Ups and Down as its not always a smooth ride, it’s a roller coaster ride, but once you pass through the same with patience you will come out with flying colours. Never let yourself or your self confidence down, stay ahead of the market, have a vision and put all your efforts to make the vision come true.

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