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Sumegh P. Shinde Founder Of SUMD’SIGN architextures™

Great Companies- What are the values that set SUMD’SIGN architextures™ apart from all other architect services?

Sumegh P. Shinde: Climate responsiveness is the heart of every project that we undertake. In the process of developing bespoke designs and strategies to bring the project to life, importance is given to the local culture, practices and materials to accommodate modern lifestyles for a sustainable living not just for today but also keeping the future in mind.

Great Companies- What steps do you take to ensure efficiency in your work?

Sumegh P. Shinde: We believe that our work is efficient if we achieve the design values that we vouch for. We have a process that goes stage-wise.

Great Companies- What are the strategies you follow to stay ahead of your competitors?

Sumegh P. Shinde: The world today is witnessing a drastic climate change and buildings are unable to respond to the climate. Our approach towards design and choice of materials is inclined to the climate responsive nature of buildings for a comfortable and memorable experience of the designed space. Which means high usage of locally sourced natural building materials.

Great Companies- What is your success mantra? Sumegh P. Shinde: Never agree to the opinion that you are successful. Innovation in design with a perspective of climate responsiveness and energy efficiency keeps us going ahead.

Great Companies- What suggestions would you give to future business corporations and budding entrepreneurs? Sumegh P. Shinde: Business should not be looked upon as competition with peers rather should be looked upon as collaboration with peers. This is what will help each other grow steadily.

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