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Interviewer - How was the idea of 'Break free from Stress' born?

Poonam: When I completed my certification course as a Corporate Trainer, I was trying to identify an area where I had to focus for my training. The pain points in the society and the areas where people lack training. As I believe, the universe always guides you and send message to reach to solutions, you just have to be aware to get it and read them at right time. I still remember, that day, when my husband came back from office, so tensed. Though tension is a part of life of all corporate employees, but that day I could sense something unusual. And it was, I was shocked to know that one of his closest friend in office suffered a cardiac arrest in the office at his workplace. The reasons for the complication could be many, but that led me to research for the reasons. During my research, I could find out that stress is the main reason for most of the health related issues these days. Surprisingly, there is hardly any focus during our childhood till adulthood, to prepare us for dealing with stress. Stress management is always considered as part of wellness programs, where I feel that it is an essential life skill to be honed by all individuals. So that moment, I decided, I have to do something to help people to de-stress and that determination led to the birth of “Break free from stress”. The idea that was planned by universe and implanted through me, via break free from stress, now called BFFS training solutions.

Interviewer - What were the initial struggles faced by you in establishing the company?

Poonam: I am still in the initial stages of the venture, BFFS was founded in the year 2018 with the vision of guiding people of all ages, around the world to be stress free and encourage them to have joyful life. The struggles keep on changing as we move ahead, it started from: 1. How to prepare myself: Once you have an idea, you have to chalk out a plan to implement idea and prepare yourself. So at first I had to identify the areas where I had to work more to get relevant experience, so as to let people believe in my work and build trust. I invested a lot of time in learning the techniques that can help people to de-stress and am still in the process of adding on. 2. How to promote the idea: My focus was not to get the work, but to let people know that there is someone who is thinking about them and is there to help. The focus was more on brand building and not sales. 3. How to get feedback: Having known that I am doing my best, I wanted to know whether I am right in my approach to help people. To get feedback for

my work, I needed people to use my services, which I am still working on and struggling to get it. So far, mostly positive feedbacks have been added to the score card. 4. How to develop team: When people start believing in you and your work, its time to add on more people to your team who can make it happen and can consistently add on to your efforts. The struggle is still on to find such like minded people.

Interviewer- People are still not very open about stress, depression and anxiety. How can more people be made aware of all these problems?

Poonam: The first thing that people have to understand is that, stress, depression and anxiety is not a problem. As humans we have emotions and we all react differently to a same situation. What is stressful to one person may not be stressful for the other, so what is a problem for one, may not be a problem for the other. If we are able to understand the mechanism of our own body, we may be able to understand how to be happy and stress free. I strongly believe that “Humans are ruled by thoughts, and thoughts can be changed.” But one has to be willing to change the thoughts.

We have to create the willingness in the people to change for better. We have to make people believe that, they can and they should live a happy life, with all the resources they have. And that is 100% possible.

Interviewer- What are the keys you use to maintain the efficiency of your skills and work?

Poonam: I am a lifelong student and I read a lot to learn as much as I can. I don’t leave any opportunity to learn, that can help me to achieve my purpose.I am my biggest critique, after every training program I evaluate my performance and note down the areas of improvement to work upon it. I try to offer help in any possible way I can, and universe takes care of me when I need it. I believe “I can, and I will”.

Interviewer- What is your Success Mantra?

Poonam: Always keep a scope for improvement and try working on that, without being hard onyourself. Enjoy life, after all there is only one!




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