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Esha Shroff Shah Founder of Foodholic Mumbai

Interviewer -You have more than 100k followers on Instagram, how has been the journey so far?

Esha Shroff Shah : Foodholic has been a dream come true. Ever since I started , I did not even know what blogging meant. Around 8 years back no one knew what it was. But today it's a big thing as everyone seems to be on some social media ! I'm so happy to leave my advertising job and be a full time food and travel blogger. I would take this moment to thank everyone who has been following Foodholic right from it's conception.

Interviewer- Which countries have you been till now and which one is your favourite among them?

Esha Shroff Shah : I have visited 7 countries till now namely Singapore, Malaysia which I visited 14 years back to recent onces being -New Zealand, Thailand, Indonesia, Kenya and South Africa. It is very difficult to mention my favourite one as each of them are very special and different- while some are scenic, some are happening and adventurous. But New Zealand has my heart. The best trip of my life as it was my honeymoon. So 20 days of sheer bliss road tripping to the remote scenic towns of this beautiful country.

Interviewer- Your bio says you are a vegetarian, do you feel that being vegetarian limits your food choices?

Esha Shroff Shah: Absolutely not. I am born a vegetarian and I absolutely don't feel that it limits me. Instead I am delighted that I am among those few bloggers who covers vegetarian food around Mumbai and also the world when I travel.

Ps - The best street food in Mumbai is all veg :P so I don't think I'm missing anything

Interviewer- Which country is on top of your bucket list right now?

Esha Shroff Shah: Honestly I want to travel as many countries as I can. Currently I am fascinated by the Northern Lights. It's a dream to be there. Also Cappadocia and the hot air balloons look appealing !

Interviewer- What is your success mantra?

Esha Shroff Shah: I don't have any mantra in life. I just take everything that comes my way.

I'm a firm believer of working hard. Success will follow. Always. I also believe in taking risks and following your passion. That's what I did and see where it got me.

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