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Interview of Sushnato Dutta Founder of Chirpin

Interviewer - What advice would you give to the up and coming entrepreneurs and small business corporations in order to help them grow?

Sushnato Dutta - Small businesses and startups tend to think that marketing is not important, I want to press upon the fact that it is. Brag about what you got and show off the achievements, it works wonderfully and actually adds not just to your bottom line but to the team morale as well. We at Chirpin, are trying to bring about this thought process to the grassroot level. If you got it, flaunt it!

Interviewer - How did you get the idea for Chirpin? What was the process behind the creation of this company?

Sushnato Dutta - Chirpin was initially envisaged as a purely content marketing firm, we got the chance to work with some awesome clients too. But down the line, we came to understand that there is a huge market potential that is lying untapped in the small and medium sized business space. From there, we backward integrated with a mission to bring about a revolution in this space. So with this motto, Chirpin started expanding with a whole gamut of marketing services, especially with a focus in the digital marketing space. Since then, we have tapped into the grassroot level and worked with clients from diverse industries.

Interviewer - What steps do you take in order to make your company stand out in this vastly competitive field?

Sushnato Dutta - We keep our overheads at the lowest and try to pass on the cost benefits to the clients. The diverse experience of our team members, coupled with a transparent model of working, makes us extremely desirable for SMBs in terms of effectiveness of cost and results. We stand out by bringing an agency experience at affordable costs.

Interviewer - You provide various services like social media marketing, content writing, SEO and so on. How do you make sure that you manage to deliver top notch performances in all that your company offers?

Sushnato Dutta - We have extensive experience across industries apart from just plain marketing backgrounds. Due to this, we as a team understand, that marketing needs to be beyond the games of reach, visibility and mere presence. For us, it has to be result oriented or nothing at all. This attitude in itself pushes team Chirpin towards creating result oriented SEO strategies, social media presence and an end to end solution, as and when required. Above all, we are willing to take risks along with our clients as per their growth curve, so that fosters a relationship where we work in tandem with our clients' team. This understanding helps us deliver top notch results.

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