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Interview of Abhinaye Kareshiya MD and Founder of WILUMINATY LIFESTYLE PRIVATE LIMITED

Interviewer - Can you provide me with a description of your business?

Abhinaye Kareshiya - Our idea is to provide with a brand identity to extremely marginalized ready-made garment manufacturers in urban slums of India. The issue that we would be addressing is that of upgrading the marketing capabilities of such small ready-made manufacturers who are although very skilled but do not get a good price for their products. Their products include shirts, flannels, trousers and other such accessories. Such manufacturers remain perennially in debt resulting in their business floundering. There are so many such local manufacturers in India whom we have identified, who are exploited and they do not get good rates thereby losing out on the margins. Most of the owners of such units, thereby, are forced to live in squalid conditions, making us realize the workers would be in horrible straits.

So, our main aim as a business is to lift the said manufacturers monetarily and morally.

Interviewer - How did you get started in this business?

Abhinaye Kareshiya - There is a very famous quote "You are just a one decision away with totally different life."

I have always been captivated by entrepreneurship. I love the thought of turning ideas into reality. Earlier I was just a shy guy who was dealing with his lisping problem and that was something stopping me from turning my dreams into reality.

When I used to work for MNC's, I was the one solving and finding solutions for even the hardest of the probles that our team would be facing and in no time I became the problem-solver of the company. Every other employee would come to me for the solutions of their business problems and that's when it hit me that if could solve their problem then I could easily attain my dreams my fighting with my own short-comings.

That plus the intent to help others grow with my business made me to start this business.

Interviewer- Why do your customers select you over your competitors?

Abhinaye Kareshiya - 'Will' means 'To never give up' and illuminati means 'Enlightenment'. Together its enlightenment to one's will power & that's what makes - WILUMINATY.

Every team member of our organization is charged with tackling issues without stress in trouble times and are emitters of positive thoughts. So every customer of our's will get positive business environment which helps them to focus on generating business and overall growth. Apart from high quality products we also deliver top-notch services to our customers that helps them in making transaction more profitable.

Modi ji's 'Sabka Sath Sabka Vikas' ideology is what we believe in and that's what makes us stand out from others in the business.

Interviewer- What are the biggest issues for running this business?

Abhinaye Kareshiya - Apart from funds perfect planning and multiple plans are needed for running a business successfully. Major issues that we face sometimes are:

1. We are into fashion business and its the market that keeps on updating on day-to-day basis. So to meet coustumer's requirements and ready-made manufacturers becomes a bit challenging at time

2. Due to boom in online market every other person is thinking of getting into apparels business. New entrepreneurs who have less or no knowledge about the market or quality products are; I believe, the biggest concern in this business

Such businessmen are only concerned about the profit and not about the quality of products. So as a new business it sometimes becomes difficult to ensure people about quality of product online.

Interviewer- What suggestions would you like to give to the young budding entrepreneurs?

Abhinaye Kareshiya - My only suggestion to young entrepreneurs is to stay firm & focused on what you want. Have patience because every business needs investment of your time, money and mental strength on top of everything.

Success Myntra according to me is : Work Hard Stay Strong.

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