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Interview of Nancy Hatgaonkar Owner and Director of Liftup Consultancy

Interviewer - Can you provide me with a description of your business?

Nancy Hatgaonkar - We are into Recruitment for the Engineering companies. We try to place the candidates in the same Industry he is working with.

We provide services to find the best engineering (Technical) candidates as per company requirement. We work as specialized technical services for recruitment.

Interviewer - How did you get started in this business?

Nancy Hatgaonkar - Once I read an article on “Hundreds” of Engineers being jobless, and after a few days, I read another totally opposite article in the newspaper that 1000+ engineering jobs were available in the Market. After reading and researching further, I got to know that the candidates are unable to get the jobs in the same industry and the Vice a versa. (I don’t know the reason why that was so)

That was when I thought of trying and taking an Initiative for streaming the same by way of doing the recruitment for the particular Industry. With this, I got an idea of doing my own Business too.

Interviewer- Why do your customers select you over your competitors?

Nancy Hatgaonkar - I give the Right Product at the Right Place i.e. Right candidate to the company and Place the Candidates in Good Companies

Candidates’ verification is done by my company and Companies’ verification is done by the ex-employees (We take feedback from many candidates feedback working for that company) And I believe, that might be the best thing I can do.

Interviewer- What are the biggest issues for running this business?

Nancy Hatgaonkar – Funds, Delays, and many more…

Interviewer- What suggestions would you like to give to the young budding entrepreneurs?

Nancy Hatgaonkar - As I said “NEVER LOSE HOPE” and “FINISH THE TASK THAT YOU HAVE STARTED”, Create small goals and work hard to achieve them.

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