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Interview of Viresh Pratap Singh Founder & CEO of Crixfeed Info Services Pvt. Ltd.

Interviewer- How did you get idea of 'Crixfeed info Services’?

Viresh Pratap Singh- I am one of the youngest investor in Bitcoin also called “public blockchain” and trading in cryptocurrency. During the trading period I observed that market is highly volatile and attractive for investor prospects. In the end of 2017 suddenly marketcap of cryptocurrency is jumped from 30 billions to 822 billion and became a topic under going immense study with different reviews, even ICO (seed funding) is started booming. Various entrepreneurs are taking an advantage of blockchain technology for their fund raising process. But then I come to know investors and entrepreneurs are facing some problem like access to the good products, Right audience, how to choose true valued ICO, latest and trustworthy update about news and global regulations, and events happening in related places. Then the idea of crixfeed came to my mind and I thought this can break the ice.

Interviewer- What were the main challenges you faced during establishment?

Viresh Pratap Singh- The biggest challenge was execution of any idea, I was having a science background and this was completely a new thing for me. After that I was not habituated of websites working and things related to it but I figured out I have to find people who are capable of doing this thing. Then by destiny I met two of our genius directors Mr. Bhavesh Rathod and Mr. Manish Rathod after few meetings we were sitting with an idea that can be executedand day by day we are stepping towards new goals.

The current challenge which I am facing is, I have to generate extra believe on my idea, the government regulations is pending and they are finding a way to regulate and make public blockchain a fruitful thing with Faith and benefits for the whole world.

Interviewer- What pressure you have to handle while working on BlockChain Technology?

Viresh Pratap Singh- Rather saying it pressure I will say it COMPETITION in which I have to win and for that I have to acquire knowledge about market vastly, the industry is completely new for me and growing day by day , if I want to be in the race I have to grow with the market. Another one is globalization pressure we are working on global basis. Most of our clients are from outside India and to make a repeated place we have to be there at night and day on Basis of need. By the way I'm enjoying it because I choose it.

Interviewer- In just few months you have grown really well and worked with innovative technology companies, what measures did you take to set yourself quickly in this vast competitive field?

Viresh Pratap Singh- To take a step ahead for me is just an understanding. What is future and use case of blockchain technology in this present world? And I found blockchain technology can apply at every working industry, when we talk about future I and my team believes that this technology can help to bring the sci-fi world into the reality it’s the kind of evolution in human history. That believe and learning help us to live in this market. And the fact is whole market is doing new something according to generated need. And I think we are just helping each others business to build a new colony of blockchain technology.

Interviewer- What are the obstacles your company is still facing?

Viresh Pratap Singh- In the obstacle box. The obstacle I can see is funds to grow crixfeed parallel with the market. And employees as this market are new normally people don’t have enough knowledge and it’s a task to find people to work with me on this platform.

Interviewer- From past experiences of few months what experiences would you like to share to encourage budding start ups?

Viresh Pratap Singh- When we think about any business suddenly our mind click how much money it worth and we forget about service, client, system and learning. But when we focus on problems of business, customer and clients we can see the clear picture we don't need to worry about money the job of every entrepreneur is to solve the problem for people and create a new opportunities.

One thing I always push my self for "start" when you start something there is only two ways left, success or failure and both words are interconnected failure is key of success every failure gives u a lesson for new start you just have to think out of the box to walk on lane of success. If u want to start something start it today don’t wait for tomorrow.

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