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Interview of Deepak Sharma Founder of It’s A Good News

Interviewer-What are your core values which you follow to stick to your motto?

Deepak Sharma: The fundamental belief behind our initiative is to appreciate the positive things taking place around us. Tell me one single day wherein we do not hear any negative news. Right from crimes like murder, rape, cheating, and to every thing, we hear about all this every single day. We are surrounded by so much negativity, all of us, that it is affecting our lives badly. Diseases and health issues that we never even imagined are surfacing. We cannot escape negative news. Media is doing it’s job of reporting us whatever is happening around us. However, amidst all this, we feel it is so important to strike a balance.

Keeping this in mind, our core values include Commitment, Motivation, Positivity and Consistency. This means, we are committed to spread positivity and motivation to good deeds consistently.

Interviewer-How did you think of establishing a world wide, independent firm appreciating good things taking place around us?

Deepak Sharma: We have just started this year. We are trying to be stable gradually. It’s the initial phase and lot of trial and errors are happening, which is so normal in any initiative, no matter how much planning and homework we do before the launch. We are looking forward for some tie-ups, reaching out people across the globe with similar values and beliefs to be part of our initiative.

Interviewer-What initiatives will you take in future to make your company a step up in the ladder of digital evolution?

Deepak Sharma: Currently, we just have a website and presence in some of the major social media platforms wherein we want to create a stability and reach more and more people so that we can create positive impact in their lives. We are also working towards having a dedicated app for ourselves, which will take some time.

Interviewer-What barriers did you encounter initially while establishing your company?

Deepak Sharma: Not knowing where to start from was indeed the biggest obstacle. This initiative has been in my mind for around 10 years. I wanted to do something like this much earlier. So when I took it seriously and started planning about it, acquiring right skill-set to maintain quality work and meet expectations of our target audience was a challenge.

Interviewer- What are the obstacles you are still facing?

Deepak Sharma: As a start-up which is not just a year old, we still have our limitations in terms of having good resources. We are just a handful of people driving and managing this initiative who are experts in our fields. We all have our professional commitments which are also important for our survival. Ours is a non-profit initiative. Hence, it is difficult to find people who would invest their time, talent and energy to something wherein they would not get any monetary returns. Ensuring constant content creation for our portal in a timely manner is still a challenge that we are trying to cope up with. We are working on having process designed to meet this challenge.

Moreover, since even social media is now more of a paid platform, it is difficult for initiatives like us to reach our audience who do not have money to invest and buy media.

Interviewer- What are views on expanding the services you provide?

Deepak Sharma: Since the beginning, we aimed to be a global platform and not geography specific. So yes, as mentioned, we are working towards various associations to strengthen our reach.

Interviewer- What words of positivity would you like to say to young entrepreneurs in order to make them grow?

Deepak Sharma: The only way to make your dream come true is to work towards it. It is easy to sleep and see dreams, hence wake up from your comfort zone and start making them come true. Once we start working on it, things automatically start falling in place. All it needs is a loads of homework and planning, and more than anything else, huge amount of patience and determination.

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