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Interview of Shane Curran CEO of Interact Group LLC

Interviewer- In this field of competition, what measures do you take to stay unique as compared to other interior designers ?

Shane Curran- Innovation. At Interact Group we do not follow trends, we set them. All our designs are original and an extension of each client. Our aim is always to deliver unique projects on time, within budget and to ensure every detail is catered for.

Interviewer- What barriers did you encounter initially while setting your foot firm in this field?

Shane Curran- As with starting any business there is always a sharp learning curve. When you are in your infancy as a company there is always the between knowing the value you bring to any project and achieving the price that you deserve with clients. Thankfully in Interact Group we stuck to our beliefs and attracted the clients that matched our beliefs and have forged some incredible business relationships.

Interviewer- How do you manage to satiate your client’s needs along with providing variety to accomplish their vision?

Shane Curran- By staying relevant. We are passionate about our business and have grown a team of positive and highly motivated professional staff. With this head start, we strive to offer our clients the best possible experience and pay attention to their every need. Each client is an individual and has their own needs so listening pays a huge part of ensuring that we meet their requirements.

Interviewer- What are your plans of expanding 'Interact Group’ in other countries as well?

Shane Curran- Currently, we have offices in Ireland and UK and plans are far advanced to expand to other countries in the Middle East as well.

Interviewer-What measures you will take in future to ensure every needs within budget to provide best services?

Shane Curran- At Interact Group we do all we can to ensure there are no budget surprises by having an open relationship with our clients and being transparent with costs in the design stage. It is common in the market for a design to be approved and for then the client to find out at tender stage that the cost to build is more than double their budget. By giving a design and build solution this issue is mitigated.

Interviewer- What advices you would give to small corporations to stand out in field of interior designing?

Shane Curran- They should be innovative and creative in their designs. To always be honest with their clients and to have to hold themselves accountable for every aspect of the project.

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