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Interview of Mr. Minesh Gandhi Founder & MD of Mira Inform Private Limited

Interviewer: How did you come with this splendid idea of establishing Mira Inform Pvt ltd? What was your struggle then?

Mr. Minesh Gandhi: I laid the foundations of Mira (Mercantile Information & Reference Agency) as a proprietary concern when I was a college student. It all started with a capital of 300 rupees and a baby typewriter back then in 1978. I was trying to get agency from some foreign company but that could not materialize itself. Later I converted proprietary concern into the joint stock company in 1983 under the name and style of MIRA INFORM PRIVATE LIMITED. I have a background in finance and I completed financial management from one of the best college at that time (Narsee Monjee College of Commerce & Economics), Mumbai University. I have been working with my company for more than 30 years now. Today it is a multi-million dollar, Indian multi-national company of repute.

Interviewer: What steps did you take to stand out this company in this competitive world of corporate sector?

Mr. Minesh Gandhi: I started the company when I was a college student. It was an era when nobody wanted to pay for business information in India. But I have always been ethical in my work. Transparency has always been in my books on ethics

Interviewer: What are the basic necessities you have been following ever since your firm was established?

Mr. Minesh Gandhi: Integrity and quality services at reasonable prices is what we focus on. Providing good services to the mass is our main aim.

Interviewer: What are your future plans as far as your business is concerned?

Mr. Minesh Gandhi: I am happy that we are growing at a faster rate and I want this to increase even more. We already have our business set up in India, Japan and the United States of America. I plan to have set our offices in a few more countries and also come out with an IPO within the next 3 years.

Interviewer: What advice would you give to the freshers and new entrepreneurs?

Mr. Minesh Gandhi: On the basis of my experience I would say that being transparent and ethical are the characteristics that make you stand away from the crowd. It takes many years to prove your transparency and ethicality but once it is established people respect you and then there's a drastic change in the business growth. If you lack these, your business might be wiped out within a few years.

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