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Interview of Mr. Vikramjit Singh Sahaye Founder & CEO of TalenTECH Solutions Private Limited

Interviewer- How did you get the idea for ‘HiringPlug’?

Vikramjit Singh Sahaye - While starting-up two previous companies, I needed professional help to quickly hire my team. Then came the challenge of identifying & negotiating with good recruitment agencies who could do the job on my terms and all that required the most precious resource of a founder: ‘time’. That’s where the idea of hiringplug was conceived.

Interviewer- What measures do you take to set your foot firm in this competitive field?

Vikramjit Singh Sahaye - Talent acquisition is indeed a very competitive field. But instead of competing, our creation actually compliments service providers and solves a major challenge in the recruitment ecosystem. On one side, the hiringplug marketplace helps employers of all sizes to engage with specialist recruiters instantly to acquire quality talent; and on the other, we entirely take away the business development effort of agencies to let them focus on what they do best. We use technology to intuitively match them and provide a host of integrated tools to be far more efficient in their screening & selection process.

What truly matters is delivering value to the customer. That’s why we followed the process of “Design-thinking” while building our product and ensured that the customer gets what they need. We also anonymously researched over 1400 targeted employers to examine the extent of challenges they were facing, and all these steps help us sail through the high tide.

Interviewer- How much time your company took to reach at this position crossing every hurdles in the pathway?

Vikramjit Singh Sahaye - Founded in 2016, we took longer than expected to build our MVP and actually launched the product in early 2018. Our ‘Agile’ approach to listening, learning & product development has helped us quickly adapt in an evolving environment. While many past challenges have been conquered, there are many more to come at varying stages of the company.

Interviewer- What more initiatives you are planning to take to maintain this position?

Vikramjit Singh Sahaye - ‘Employment’ is a noble cause. It touches lives of not just the employee & the manager, but their families, corporation & helps in nation building. We firmly believe in the values of transparency, equal opportunity, collaboration, meritorious selection & pay parity. Hiringplug aims to propagate these by empowering forward looking enterprises.

Interviewer- What steps would you recommend to future start-ups to make them grow?

Vikramjit Singh Sahaye - “Empathize with your customer” and you shall have success! This trait needs to be in engrained in your company’s culture. Also, pretty-much nothing goes as planned on excel, especially time-bound milestones. I would recommend future start-up founders to have Mental strength towards unplanned events, willingness to evolve with the market, prudence in cash flow management and to surround themselves with ‘Believers’.

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