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Interview of Mr. Kapil Agarwal Founder and CEO of Linkcards Business Solutions

Interviewer: How did you think of an idea of replacing paper cards with digital linkcards?

Kapil Agarwal: I am a sales guy, with experience in Business Development. Had been into this industry for 3 years before Linkcards, i was able to identify the hassles with paper cards experienced by sales professionals on daily basis.

Linkcards - Digital Visiting cards are able to increase the Networking efficiency of sales professionals and increase their productivity.

Interviewer: What are your core values which you follow to set your foot in this competitive world and making people understand avoid use of paper to save trees for next generation?

Kapil Agarwal: Digitization is the need of the time. Being from technical background as my qualification, i was able to identify problem and formulate the solution.

Did some research and found that

1. Atleast 1500 trees are cut per day for making paper.

2. 72% business cards are thrown away within a week of sharing them.

With Linkcards, we are able to partner with some large Enterprises in India and China and providing our platform; replacing paper cards.

Interviewer: What do you think were your obstacles past years to bring your company to this position?

Kapil Agarwal: We think we are still Small and hence, working towards learning and resolving all the obstacles we face during day to day activities.

Interviewer: What initiatives will you take in future to bring Linkcards as cutting edge leader of new age platforms and stepping more steps on ladder of digital evolution?

Kapil Agarwal: We are regularly improving our product, making it easy for professionals to connect and Network with anyone without a need of an actual paper card. Linkcards has evolved a lot since its launch.

Interviewer: What experiences would you like to share with upcoming small business corporations in order to encourage future budding small corporations and entrepreneurs?

Kapil Agarwal: Stay hungry, Stay Foolish. This phrase has always inspired me to do more.

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