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Interview Of Mr.Arjun Chatterjee CEO of Runtime Solutions

Interviewer: How did you come up with the idea of Runtime Solutions ? What was the process behind the creation of this company

Mr. Arjun Chatterjee : Always had the “keeda” to be on my own and do something independently. Like any young turk, I had dreamt of at least 50 different business plans from as diverse as opening a restaurant to a pet spa to a car wash home delivery service. However, access to capital was limited and the prowess to navigate the financial ecosystem non-existent. Hence it was easiest to start with the thing I knew best which was what I had been working on in some shape and form for 6 years – Digital Marketing. Post MBA from XLRI, worked with Tata Group and Network18 Group. Network18 sparked the fire and set the imagination going since it had a very entrepreneur-driven culture. Runtime helped me to connect all the dots into a composite whole.

The idea occurred to me in mid-2009 while I was still working with Network18. Would give lot of credit to the environment I was in, which was crackling with entrepreneurial spirit and triggered what was still a nebulous thought of “What if” to a concrete reality. As I kept exploring the emerging space of digital marketing, it became increasingly clear that there were under-served areas in the space of creative, product and Customer experience thinking. That’s when it became clear what I had to do and the rest was learning by doing.

Interviewer : What steps did you take to make your company stand out in this vastly competitive field?

Mr. Arjun Chatterjee : Getting Product and Marketing orientation into client briefs is something that was a critical differentiating factor. This coupled with robust delivery mechanism. Full credit to the team and their “never say die” attitude is another thing I would pick as a differentiator.

We have not really marketed ourselves far and wide in a very large way. Belonging to the digital industry, we do leverage social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Linked in to spread the word around. However, we find that a satisfied client/customer is actually our most effective marketing device.

Interviewer What are your core values? What measures do you take to stick to your core values?

Mr. Arjun Chatterjee : “Ek baar jo maine commitment kar di, toh main khud ki bhi nahi sunta… “Commitment, integrity and fair play across the board are the only sustainable currency for a business. It gets difficult at times with various external pressures but values come from the top so it is extremely important for me to reinforce this at all times, especially during challenging times.

The fact that we are around after 9 years stands testimony to that.

Interviewer : What are your future plans in order to expand your company further? What new things do you plan to do?

Mr. Arjun Chatterjee : We are on our 3rd wave of evolution, from being a Website Design/Development Company, we became a Digital Media agency to now when we are increasingly an Innovation Partner to the brands we work with. Who knows what the future holds but one thing is for certain, our Mission Statement will still ring true.

Curro Ergo Sum

I run, therefore I am.

Interviewer : What advice would you give to the up and coming entrepreneurs and small business corporations in order to help them grow?

Mr. Arjun Chatterjee : Mantras for young entrepreneurs

Have a partner. Being solo is tough and it builds pressure on yourself. You can't be a James Bond who can do everything. And choose partners with similar mindsets.

Need to have lot of patience. You can't change the world overnight and world moves at a different pace than it feels inside your own head.

Working in corporate jobs for some years helps. It builds perspective and you are better prepared.

If the toss up is between technique or temperament, go with the latter. You need to be rock solid temperamentally.

Having a good mentor helps. Always have one. And be open to learning.

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