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Interview of Mr.Pramod Saggar Director of Digital India Technology

Interviewer: What advice would you give to the up and coming entrepreneurs and small business Corporations in order to help them grow?

Mr.Pramod Saggar: Keep your accounting up-to date; write down all your thought and ideas on paper, do not trying to store everything in your mind. Before start up anything make budget with at-least 6 months backup plan, because the market is never constant in India. Hire good people, because without good team you cannot grow. Use maximum technology to manage and retain your customers. Appreciate each person in your organization. Appreciate publicly & shout privately.

Commitment is the key of success.

Interviewer: How did you get the idea for DIT? What was the process behind the creation of this company?

Mr.Pramod Saggar: This is a long story, but I am trying to save your time. Let me tell you in brief. The story starts from Sri Ganganagar Rajasthan, where I am born. I am a collage drop out. I am not a good student. So many times my teachers said that you never get a job! I know that they are absolutely right. I know what I am, and where do I go. Few months later… I read a newspaper cutting, where I found an article called “Make Your Future in IT” and the address mentioned on the article was in DELHI. I took that newspaper and went home, and asked my father. Do you really want me to do something good in my life? He said: YES. I gave that cutting in his hand and said I want to go DELHI. My father said BETA abhi tumhare exam chal rahe hain, vo to pure de do. I said PAPA JI mera padhai me Mann nahi lagta. Next week I and my father came to Delhi. My father setup everything for me and went back to Sri Ganganagar.

Now the next journeys started up in DELHI. That diploma course is approximately 14 months’ time. But very soon, I got to know that they are wasting my time again in literature, which I hated in my school time. Very soon I started up a venture called Red Hat Infosys in 2003. I am very happy with my work. One day I had call from my best friend Hemant. He Said Bhai Tu Mumbai AA JAA. Yha per IT me bahut scope hai. Within a week I have decided, IT’s time to start a new journey, because it is Mumbai calling…

22 November 2007. I landed up in Mumbai. And in 2008 January 1st week we incorporate a company called Red Hat Infotech. The concept and idea was mind blowing because Mumbai is very professional city in INDIA. We get very good response in few weeks. We are growing like a WOW. In 2010 we have decided to open up a new branch office in DELHI. Because the staff is available at a cheaper cost rather than Mumbai, but that idea was not HIT for us, because we are not capable to manage two branches, we manage our Delhi office well, but our Mumbai office fell down day by day, within a year we fell down. Because our expenses was higher than our income. I came back to Mumbai to manage all our clients and employees, but I think I was little bit late. Few of our well-trusted team members started their own venture separately and capture all our team members as well as clients. But I never allow myself to knee down. I did my level best in that bad time, I want to survive anyhow so worked hard. My partner never came in Mumbai after his marriage, I ran that branch alone. But somehow my partner was not that much happy with my performance, and he thinks that he was the only one, who is doing work for this organization. One day he called me and said. I don’t think we are working together. Let’s separate our business venture. I was very shocked with his words, but I had nothing to say, because I did not want to explain. I left my own company for my friend, because money is never important for me, I always love my Friend. He is a good man.

The very new journey started up NOW…….

I know I have to do something for my employees and me so I have to start up a new venture with the new name, now the DIT came in picture…. “D” is called DIGITAL &“IT” is called information technology. Digital India is a very famous name in 2015 because of Sh. Narendra Modi ji, so I decided to use that name D for Digital I for India &T for Technology. This is the history behind DIT. is not available is already take by government of India so I decided to manage with DIT is the proprietorship company formed in December 2015 with the very small amount but with the very Big vision. This was the small story behind DIT.

Dit Asia

Interviewer: What steps do you take in order to make your company stand out in this vastly competitive field?

Mr.Pramod Saggar: Hard work, dedication, commitment, my nature, my trust factor helps me to stand out again in this vastly competitive field. My team member helps me to grow again. They have faith in my decision, my corporate relationship helps me to retain myself again in this competitive market. I don’t have enough money to rotate in market, but few vendors allow me to use their money as credits. My family supports me. My entire network is with me. My belief is with me. I think nobody can stop you, until you stop yourself.

Interviewer: What are your core values? What measures do you take to stick to your core values?

Mr.Pramod Saggar: I always believe in relationship, I am never been too much professional with anyone. I think business number nahi LOG hote hain, I always talk about their profit, and my profit automatically come from their profit. I opened up with all my customers, deal with trust and truth. I always assured them that I did my job carefully and trustfully, rest is all up to the destiny. Chan paiso ke liye main apna trust factor nahi chodunga..

Interviewer: What are your future plans in order to expand your company further? What new things do you plan to do?

Mr.Pramod Saggar: I want to make my company one of the best environmental companies for the employees… my dream is to run happy company for employees as well customers…

I want to make our organization as one of the best service provider company in Mumbai as well as one of the best digital marketing companies in INDIA.

BPO is my next goal. Very soon we start up a BPO for inbound and outbound process.

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