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Interview with Mr.Anil G. Chowta CEO of ECOSAC

Mr Anil G Chowta

Interviewer: How did you get the idea for Pinnacle? What was the process behind the creation of this company?

Anil G.Chowta : In the day and time when ‘Plastic Products’ especially ‘Shopping Bags’ were being manufactured and sold in huge numbers, it takes lot of courage to believe in your self to do something different for the betterment of the environment and humanity at large. After having established a successful business of Telecommunication Training Products, the desire of giving back to the society is what led to creating Pinnacle and the birth of ECOSAC.

Interviewer: What steps do you take in order to make your company stand out in this vastly competitive field?

Anil G.Chowta : Innovation is the key and being a pioneer in this field helped us get a head start over credible competition.

We continuously and consistently invest time in developing and creating Re-usable, Convenient and Sustainable Products

Interviewer: You provide various services. How do you make sure that you manage to deliver top notch performances in all that your company offers?

Anil G.Chowta : It starts with a firm belief and it is this quality that percolates down to deliver top notch products and service to our Distributors, Retailers and overall our customers.

ECOSAC Utility Bags

Interviewer: What are your core values? What measures do you take to stick to your core values?

Anil G.Chowta : Honesty in dealings, Integrity in product and services, Commitment to deliver high quality re-usable merchandise, Teamwork, Create value for all Internal and external stakeholders.

Interviewer: What are your future plans in order to expand your company further? What new things do you plan to do?

Anil G.Chowta : Within the next 3 years we look to achieve a turnover of Rs.100 Cr and to achieve this ambitious goal we plan to rope in people who are better than us.

Interviewer: You have worked with so many companies. What do you think makes your clients decide to keep coming back to you?

Anil G.Chowta: It is the trust that we have developed over the years with Customers, Agents, Employees and Vendors.

Interviewer: How did you manage to garner such success in such a short amount of time?

Anil G.Chowta : It has not been a short time, it has been 5 long years and there is a long way for us to go, despite all this time we firmly believe that we have a product range that is a game changer and being a pioneer in this space of re-usable shopping bags has helped us cement our position on the top. Now, due to the ban on Plastic Shopping Bags and other products our business has been growing exponentially on a daily basis.

Interviewer: What advice would you give to the up and coming entrepreneurs and small business corporations in order to help them grow?

Anil G.Chowta : Believe in your idea, even when the world thinks otherwise and pursue your vision with steadfast focus. Your time will come. Rome was not built in one day.

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