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New Shared Economy

“Access Trumps Ownership”…are the three ‘magic’ words we keep hearing. More people than ever find themselves asking new questions:

  • Do I need to own the latest album by Newton Faulkner, Ninet, or the Pentatonix, or am I ok having access to their music through online radio andYouTube?

  • Do I need to own all of Seth Godin’s or Michael Hyatt’s books or is being able to access some of them for free as Kindle library books enough for me?

  • Must I own my home, or is having access to living indoors through renting, couch surfing, Airbnb, home exchange, or even house sitting, more than ok for me?

  • Is it important for me to own my own graphic designer or can having access to one through Fiverr, Elance, and ODesk serve my purposes just as adequately?

  • Do I need to own a high school or college degree, or can access to knowledge through Coursera, Khan Academy, TED, and YouTube be all I need for my education?

  • Must I own my car, or is a company lease, Uber, Sidecar, or Lyft, or maybe even bicycle-­‐sharing, something I can do fine with?

  • Do I need to run out and buy all the ‘recommended’ toys for every phase of my child’s development, or can being part of a toy sharing co-­‐op achieve the same result?

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